Over the last while I have come to appreciate our Canadian National Food Guide as it has been a really solid nutritional plan for me. I basically have been focusing at about 2400 calories base and having 9 servings of fruits and/or vegetables per day in that 2400 calories as well as lots of water during the day.

I used to love and eat a LOT of the cereal bars but have really being trying to cut back. After reading this article I am even more motivated to not eat as many.

For some of my blog articles regarding diet and nutrition you can get to them here

Workout and Race Nutrition
I have increasingly become more aware of having solid nutrition in the workouts as well as racing. The impact on recovery, and the ability to get the greatest benefit from my hard workout sessions has been substantially influenced by solid workout nutrition.

Water and Fluid Intake
I tend to find a balance of Gatorade and straight water works best for me and depending on sweat rate, heat and lack of humidity I will adjust to more Gatorade if I am losing electrolytes. In significant cases I might take a salt tablet or two. Usually only in very long or very hot races.

Gels and Semi-solids
Power Gels, Hammer Gel, Clif Shots and Gu are excellent semi solid choices. Take them every 30-45 minutes as directed and they work great. In race settings use them about every 25-30 minutes rather than the 45 minutes for in workouts due to the higher energy expenditure.

For me I do not respond well at all to the caffeine induced ones so I stay with the non-caffeinated. In a race back in 2006 I have some wild heart rate data to show what happened after taking a gel with caffeine. it wasn't pretty. I prefer Gu the most as I don't enjoy the taste of the Clif Shot brand and in colder races and workouts the Power Gel tends to get too chewy. Hammer Gel is one that I use a lot, especially by pre-mixing before a bike workout.

Energy Bars
For the energy bar grouping my preference is the PowerBar. I like its consistency and taste. I find that Clif Bar works well in moderation but they tend to bloat me with high fluid intakes.

Other types and mixes
Other supplements that seem to work well are Ironfuel. I used that at IM Utah and also in some training runs with great results. With its high density I strongly recommend proper fluid intakes. I am also hoping to test out the Infinit Brand of mixes and see how that works for me as well.