Sunday, October 26, 2014

Helping a friend get to Kona

So, I have this friend (really it's not me it's a friend), and yes you sarcastic people - I do have friends, well a couple, maybe. This friend has done over 30 Ironman Triathlons and dozens of shorter races, including 70.3 or 1/2 IM races and has even done the 70.3 World Championship.

But this friend has a problem - he can't quite qualify for Kona and has a couple close misses (less than 20 minutes) under his belt. So I have offered my friend the opportunity to have some free coaching since he has tried self coaching and the paid online variety. The difference is that I know my friends strengths and weaknesses so am customizing a program specific to him to help him get to the top so he can figuratively see the view like this.

We are week four into this program and his next IM is Houston in May 2015 and he just did Maryland back in September. This week we are building back some volume now that his recovery is complete. The last few weeks have been lighter with some increases. So what am I giving him to do and why?

Swim Workouts (2h 45m)

So some easy volume build in the pool for him this week

A: 4500m steady state swim to get slow easy volume - this one is without paddles or pull buoy - target is about 18 min / km and around 120 BPM for heart rate. The core success metric of this workout is pace precision.

B: 2500m technical workout with a time trial for a base to measure against. 300m warm up (10X100 of technical drills - fingertip, catchup, fist, head position, 6 beat, front 25%, exit, backstroke, skewer (axel), and low stroke count) 3 minute rest then 1000m time trial, 200m cool-down.

C: 1500m pacing interval workout. 300m warm up, 5X200m on a 4 minute cycle - roughly 3:15 per 200m then 50 sec rest, 200m cool-down. This workout is simply to develop pacing for Ironman.

Background: He is a strong swimmer so we have a LOT of base to work with. Swims usually only a shade over an hour at IM. His PB for 100m is about 1:15, 200m is about 2:38 and around 7:06 for 500m, fastest pool swim 1500 I have known him to do is 23:00.

Bike Workouts (5h 20m)

A: Easy steady state bike - 180 minutes, cadence of 90-95, perceived effort of a 5 out of 10,  ideally around 110 beats per minute HR - This workout should be scheduled same day as race but after the race. Just a base volume workout with low intensity. Also to avoid pedal mashing with requiring a high rpm and low HR.

B: Pacing Bike  - 80 minutes, 32 km/hr. Simple IM Pacing workout.

C: Single Leg Drill - 15 min w/u, 15 min c/d with 6 sets of (2 min @180 watts both legs - 1 minute left leg @200 watts, then right leg at same, then 1 min @120 rpm but low watts). Developing balanced power and improving his pedal stroke.

Background: His 40k time trial PB is about 64 minutes under average conditions, and usually rides 5:20 to 6:20 in IM depending on hilliness of the course.

Run Workouts (2h 25m)

A: Steady state run 14 km, at 6:15 / km (88 min), This is a low zone 1 workout for base only

B: 5 km race is scheduled - plan is 1 mile easy warm up, 6 X 50m accelerations, race, 2km very easy cool-down. He wanted to see what his 5K race ability is currently at.

Background: His straight 10k PB is about 40 minutes and best IM run around 3:51.

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