Friday, August 22, 2014

MOMAR 2013

As I mentioned in a previous post we were going to do our first adventure race. And we did. Last year in September Melanie and I did our first team adventure race. The MOMAR - Mind over Mountain Adventure Race in Cumberland BC. What a crazy experience. We had entered the "short course" a 30 km event that included about 5K Kayaking, followed by a 7 km trek, a 10 km climbing Mountain Bike section and another 3 km running with a 6K downhill mountain bike finish.

While neither Mel or I were in top shape fitness was not our issue. It was an "entertaining" experience. We started with the Kayak section, all other teams were in double kayaks and generally much better kayaks so we were not shocked to be on the slower end of the pack. Understatement. We were the last place kayak team and only due to the transition to the first check point did we actually end up passing any teams. There were about 90 teams so we had the fun of being back of packers to start the next stage of the race.

The run trek tested my map skills and aside from getting a bit lost for 20 minutes (and ending up back at the pack again) but eventually I was able to better dial in my navigator role. Once that happened we moved up to somewhere in the 60's place wise before starting the uphill Mountain Bike stage. Since this was more fitness oriented we did quite well moving up many places (we actually finished in the top third for that leg).

After hitting the next major check point we dropped the bikes and did the short run leg, which we thought we could push hard because it was "only a downhill bike to the finish". We placed 9th in the run leg and ended up in the top third of the race to start the downhill.

Well, that was the end of the come from behind rush (not that we were "racing" but more participating). It took less than 30 seconds for us to realize we were in over our heads on the downhill stage. My bike had frozen front forks (did not know that until after) and it was way to technical for us. We ended up walking most of it, however during one of the sections we rode I took a VERY hard crash (I still have the scars to prove it, which got infected, which then I had a reaction to the penicillin - another long story). Needless to say we were the LAST place team that actually did the downhill section since all the other teams behind us failed to meet the checkpoints.

In the end we walked across the finish, tired, battered and pleased to have survived. We finished in the 60's place wise but met EVERY check point.

MOMAR 2013 Recap Video

Postscript: The injured leg got infected, then I got an allergic reaction to penicillin. I got months of money's worth of adventure from the race. However, this last year I have been practicing my Mountain Bike skills and am registered for MOMAR 2014 in the long course (Enduro) as a solo entry.

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