Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Retirement, Weight Gain, and a Move

Retirement from running and triathlon racing has been full of mixed feelings but it sure caused a weight gain. Post Ironman I added 35 pounds of weight and 4 inches on the waist. Neither fact thrilling me at all but once I took the new job I made the commitment to bike daily to work. Moving a few months ago in the middle of winter to Victoria has definitely helped me regain some fitness in that way. The result is losing an inch along the waist plus about 12 pounds over the last four months. It's not a long commute to work (30 minutes or so each way) but it is a very scenic one that I should post some pictures of. However, for now this is a picture from the park about 50 meters from our new house just before we took possession in late February.

The culture here in Victoria had me thinking about what I can do next. As a result, Melanie and I have registered for MOMAR. Promo video:

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