Friday, August 12, 2011

Able to let go of running but maybe not triathlon

It's been three months since Ironman St George and I have come to pretty good terms about letting go of my road racing / competitive running due to my knee but letting go of my Ironman dream is not so easy I have found.

I continue to bike to and from work each day keeping up a good exercise routine, and have stabilized and started to reduce the post IM weight gain. However, I am pretty sure that if I was not starting a Doctorate come September I would already be registering for Ironman St George again and just dealing with an alternate running training regime.

I guess that is the "push". While my knee is not up to the hard core running training needed for me to be happy with performance in competitive road racing I think I can train around the issue and still race triathlons. Since I know that the knee can't handle too much abuse I don't really have a desire to race the general local triathlon races but am still interested in racing the big events and just being extremely disciplined in training between them.

This week I did a short 5 km run because I was going nuts and did it somewhat up-tempo and wearing the knee brace. No pain during or after but I know that is because I have been nice to the knee since Ironman.

For now, it's biking to work (140km / week), an occasional swim and golf.

However, deep inside the Ironman dream still smolders like a damp campfire that refuses to die. I guess the blog lives on.