Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Triathlon Wetsuit and Booties

For most people getting on the triathlon wetsuit is a less than graceful art. At Ironman St George about 4 days before the race a couple of us went to Sand Hollow to get a test swim in. Due to my usual cold extremities and the 62F water temperature I opted to wear aqua sock thermal booties as well.

A short clip of getting on the wetsuit. Notice the use of my jeans to prevent getting too much junk on my feet as I donned the booties and wetsuit. I will comment that it is a LOT easier to get the wetsuit on with booties over bare feet.

Once the booties are on then you can start donning the wetsuit, starting with the lower legs. My preference is to get the lowest part of the wetsuit past the heel and then shimmy up the lower leg a bit, finally with reaching on the inside of the wetsuit and pulling it up from there.

Once I have got that done I then pull it up from side to side until the crotch of the wetsuit is as high as possible and then work on the upper part of the wetsuit. Unfortunately I don't have any video of the rest of the process.

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