Sunday, May 8, 2011

St George Race Report (Short)

I will give a longer race report later but the short report is that I had a brutal swim and no idea why, I thought it was going well but came out and saw 1:09:45. Rode the bike to the planned heart rate and ended up 5:50 on the bike in hot and windy conditions and then on the run ran to heart rate but with the 33 C heat just couldn't keep the heart rate down. Marathon was 4:43. Still broke 12 hours on the toughest course in extremely tough conditions and had my best Ironman finish in placement ever (324 overall and 52 in age bracket).

I want to thank everyone for their support and well wishes and for all my family that came to watch or watched online.

Happy Mother's Day

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Keith said...

I didn't get to watch any of it, being busy with other things, but checked your progress often. It isn't the result you had hoped for, but my goodness, I'm still impressed. Now relax and take it easy for a while!