Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Week after IMSG

It's been a week since Ironman St George. And it has been a tough week. I had focused so much on the race and while having a pretty good race given the heat it has left me feeling somewhat incomplete and also feeling goal less. After seeing the aerial photos of the race I realize that by swimming the shoreline at St George I added a significant bit of extra distance to the race and that would explain at least 4-5 minutes of my extra time.

My recovery has / is going well as I was hardly sore at all after the race given that I did not go very hard on the run at all from a muscle standpoint. By Monday morning I was doing stairs with luggage without a problem and really the main discomfort was sunburn on the shoulders and back of hands. Using the compression tights most of Sunday and Monday I am sure helped me out a lot.

We made the drive back from St George Monday and Tuesday and I was back working Wednesday. On Thursday night I did a 500m jog and realized the knee was a bit tender so went back to the house and switched to my mountain bike for a very short (15 minute ride). Friday I did a 2km swim workout (500m technical, 1100m moderate interval set, 400m technical).

By the time I got to Friday night I was now seriously considering the Chinook 1/2 Ironman in mid/late June which is Provincial Championships. Time for some serious reflection on what training I should do over the next 5 weeks.

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Keith said...

Chinook is a great race! I'm a bit bummed that I shouldn't do it this year, but I'll certainly show up and cheer people on.