Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ironman St George Swim Course Preview (Video/Photos)

Greetings from a very sunny St. George UT, home of the 2011 Ironman St George course. The next three days I will be doing special course preview blog entries. Today's blog will cover the Ironman St George swim course. The official race website on the swim course is here but I will give a few extra comments and thoughts.

One of my daughters came out with Bernie and I the Tuesday before the race and got a couple of pictures as we started suiting up.

Before Wetsuit

After Wetsuit

First impressions of this swim course in person is the water is average in terms of clarity. Visibility is pretty good for a couple of body lengths but get much beyond that and it starts to get tougher to see the feet in front of you. The lake bottom is visible just beyond standing depth or at about standing depth so if you cant see the bottom, you cant stand on it for sure but if you can see bottom its a maybe about standing. The path down to the water was gravel but the actual entry to the water was mostly sandy with a few rocks to navigate.

The chit chat at water's edge was about temperature which according to Utah State Parks was a balmy 62 degree F last week. I still wore the booties AND the thermal cap. My fingers were cold for the first 5-10 minutes but head was fine and feet a bit cold throughout. With the expected hot temperatures for the next few days it will warm up more but I am hoping for it to be 64.8 degrees come race day and still booties allowed (has to be under 65 F for booties at this race) because my feet always get so cold (plus it will be nice for walking over the rocks).

Once we got swimming Leah snapped a couple of solid pictures of Bernie and I

Bernie "the Burninator"

Richard "aka Statman"

Water was extremely calm and minimal wind at the edge and could be ideal for some fast swim times, check out the draft wake in the calm water.

And finally, for the spectators, a preview of the basin this lake is in. It could be more scenic but it is not bad.

Leah also saw some lizards on the dam and captured a good close up.


Karen S said...

We just came back from Utah! What a beautiful location to be racing.

rob nelson said...

Good luck Richard!

Richard Rush said...

Thanks all. I have race number 1406 if your interested in tracking on www.ironmanlive.com saturday