Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ironman St George Run Course Video Preview

Finished off Tuesday with an early evening run with Bernie, Leah, Frances and Aryana. I was kind of sluggish as we jogged along the middle part of the run route and through Pioneer Park but after we finished the 4 km jog I decided to run up the hill as if I was heading back towards transition and did it at Ironman effort and it felt GREAT so after the 1 km up beat was over shut it down and left the rest for race day.

The official run course route information is here but I have added my personal preview of the run course below.

First off the course is incredible in my opinion. A relatively steep incline just a block out of transition as you climb main street for two blocks and then a soft grade up Diagonal St for roughly 1.5 miles. Turning right it then gets steeper as you go up Bluff St and then quite steep up after your right turn on Red Hills Parkway before a long slightly rolling climb above town. Absolutely stunning view up on top.

You start descending at about 4.5 miles and then a short loop in a hilly Pioneer Park. This section concerns me the most because it undulates so frequently I think it may be hard to have any sort of rhythm. After exiting Pioneer you turn left for a little while downhill to the turnaround and then come back the same way you went out including Pioneer Park. As you descend down bluff you take a small loop near the golf course and then return the same way you left transition. Rinse and repeat for a complete second loop.

Here is a 4X speed view of the run course by car. My personal copy of the video was put to the song 3's and 7's but due to copyright you get the one without the soundtrack.

My personal training regime for this course I think will work fabulously as I would train on the following treadmill stats

1 mile at 2%
1 mile at 3%
0.5 miles at 3.5%
0.5 miles at 4%
0.5 miles at 4.5%
3 miles at 0.5%
1.5 miles at 3%
5 miles at 0.5%

Repeat for second loop. As a result I didn't get the advantage of the downhills and was training my body to run hills. Saturday we find out how well it works out for me.

Tomorrow I will post the bike course preview.

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Shannon Wicks said...

Thanks for sharing the video...glad to see you guys had a safe trip down.