Friday, May 6, 2011

IMSG Check-in and Athlete Dinner

It is starting to get very real now. Wednesday was a rest day and did some stretching to keep myself loose as well. Spent time at the pool teaching Gabby how to swim and then in the late morning the whole family went to the St George LDS Temple. It was quite peaceful and a good place to be before the race and stay calm and relaxed.

Aryana, Frances, Leah and I did check in registration late on Wednesday afternoon and still managed to get a free pair of Tyr swim goggles for being among the first 500 to check-in and also they did body marking early for anyone that wanted so I got that out of the way as well. I picked up some stuff I needed/wanted (compression socks, arm cooler sleeves and anti-fog spray for my goggles). I also picked up the Zipp 808 wheelset with the PowerTap Meter from Race Day Wheels so I can manage to the same wattage I have been training on the computrainer on. At the expo the three older kids made a pair of youtube greeting videos for Bernie and I.

For Richard

For Bernie

Got to bed a bit earlier and started shifting my body clock.

Thursday I got up at 5 am and had breakfast and later Frances and I did the run course video that I posted yesterday. Late morning all the kids came down to the expo and met with Bernie and I. They made the signs at the sign making station. Bernie got interviewed by Ironman Live. I picked up my last two needed pieces of equipment (anti eject water bottle cages and a xlab rear attachment for the CO2 cartridges that went missing. The kids did an updated video to include Gabby and Sierra

All Kids Video

After we got back everyone except me went to the outlet mall and I got the bike ready and numbered along with installing the new equipment and setting up the PowerTap display to the way I wanted.

Late afternoon I went for a test ride of 18km at mostly under IM heart rate pace with a tiny bit of tempo stints up Snow Canyon. No bottles ejected and everything seems solid. Arm coolers and compression socks also feel great. Tested the downhill speed with a bit of the cross winds. Everything seems race ready. Did a short 10 minute run off the bike, 5 minutes easy and 5 minutes at IM heart rate, looks good there as well.

Finished off the day by going to the IM welcome banquet/athletes meeting and Aryana wanted to come and I was glad to have her company. After we got back to the condo it was 9:00 and I was straight to bed for the very important two nights to go sleep.

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Shannon Wicks said...

Sexy bike...looks fast!