Friday, May 6, 2011

Final Post before the Race

Greetings from a VERY hot St George Utah, anticipating 92-93F as a high on race day. I was hoping for a bit milder weather but it is what it is. If anyone is interested in following me along in the race I am racing bib number 1406 and you can enter it in the section for athlete tracking (upper right)

This race culminates a 9 month training stint of 530 hours and 1728 km running, 8156 km biking and 259 km swimming.

In order to qualify for world championships I will need to finish in the top 8 in my age bracket and somewhere around 10 hours and 30 minutes. My personal best is 10:48 at 1:04 swim, 5:42 bike and 3:54 run with 8 minutes of transition time. My goal is to go about 1:02 swim, 5:40 bike and 3:42 run with 6 minutes of transition time.



Sonja said...

Wow!!! So exciting!!! I'll be following you on the Athlete Tracker!!!

Barefoot Neil Z said...

Best of luck to you for an amazing race! You can do this!

Breanne Dyck said...

Thinking of you today! Hope you're rockin' it :-)