Monday, April 4, 2011

Ironman St George course walkthrough video and new run workout

Celebrated the start of the 2nd last hard week with an easy 3000m swim in 61 minutes and then straight into a 2 hr hard run, both right after work.

Tonight's workout was intended to get me ready for this very tough run course. Check out the video here describing the Ironman St. George Course.

The hard run was a modified version of something my good friend Bernie did a couple of weeks back mixed with my usual mile repeats. After seeing that promo video I knew I needed to work more hill efforts in over these next two weeks. The workout was

1 mile warm-up

10 X 1 mile repeat on a 10 min cycle with 3 minute walk breaks at 3.0mph between
Elevation was 2.0% for the first four mile intervals, then 2 @ 2.5%, 2 @ 3%, 2 @ 3.5%
Pace was alternating between 7:03 per mile and 6:58 per mile, final mile at 6:55 up 3.5%

1 mile cool-down

Knee held up well, heart rate dropped to under 110 between each set, max heart rate on last interval was 170 bpm

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