Monday, April 11, 2011

Ironman St George bike profile and a MONSTER brick run

First off I need to give a great "shout out" and kudos to my best friend Bernie for his age category win at the Texas Half-Ironman (70.3) and his qualification to the world championships in Las Vegas for that distance. He won in a 1/4 mile sprint to the finish by 2 seconds.

While Bernie was doing that this last weekend, I was doing my monster brick session with a 6 hour ride followed by a 26 km run off the bike. Averaged a very strong 4:56 /km while at the Ironman heart rate of 136 bpm. Worked out the nutrition on the run and managed to down about 100 calories every 15 minutes with water when I could find some on my run route (about every 30 minutes or so).

Took Sunday off workouts as my rest day while I attended to other responsibilities. Monday was another huge ride for 6h 18min followed by a very short 1 km run to see how my legs and knees were holding out. I was happy with how that went. Today I tested my nutrition plan on the bike. Water and 100 calories every 15 minutes. In the early stages I was not working hard enough and because I wasn't sweating enough and needed to take a few more bathroom breaks than planned. Other than that it worked perfectly.

Over the next while I want to start really calculating the right heart rate efforts on the simulated IMSG bike course along with pace planning at the wattage that I need.

Profile of IMSG Bike Course

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