Sunday, April 3, 2011

IMSG promo video and Ventricular Hypertrophy and T-wave inversion in Ironman Athelete

First off I want to share the results of my wild goose chase on cardiac anomalies Friday's run was the cardiac stress test that I was scheduled for. The T-wave inversion that worried the Dr.s on my EKG resolved to a normal shape and orientation after about 5 minutes of my "run". I think proceeded to get up to 20% grade and 5.5 mph on the Bruce protocol before I hit 150 bpm and they decided to not bother trying to get me to maximum, apparently very few even get close to where I was on the stress test and they said that was good enough to convince them that there was no issue with my heart under stress. My competitive instincts wanted to keep going :)They then did the nuclear medicine images afterwards and I go back Monday morning for the rest images and then finally this coming Thursday they will do the echo cardiogram. However, they gave me green light to push as hard as I would like in training.

Here are a few articles that relate to my type of situation
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So basically I fit the criteria and observations but they will proceed to complete the tests to make sure its truly athlete's heart not a cardiomyopathy. Now as for my last few days of training concluded with me 1/3 of the way through my last push towards Ironman St. George and I am very happy with how this last week finished off. Thursday got in another water run plus 2:10 ride, Friday was a swim, bike and the "run". Saturday I did intervals sessions mixed in with listening to General Conference on the laptop.

Good thing I have a computrainer. This was a friends picture of Calgary on April 2.
Did my warm-up followed by 4 X 20 minutes at high wattage (232, 240, 232 and 242) with 5-7 min breaks in between. It was a lot harder to go 20 minutes than the 15 minutes from last time. Next time I want to get to 5 X 20. In order to get my full training in for the day I did another 2:45 of moderate spinning (~29 km/hr) to finish the day at 5h 5 minutes workouts. This got the week total to 20.7 hours.

Goal for next week is to get to 23 hours as well as some good intensity workouts. For those interested here is an Ironman St George promotional video.


Keith said...

I had not seen that particular video. Nice. The big day is coming soon, so I hope all your training continues to go well, and you have a great day out there. I'll be cheering you on.

Blaznfast said...

Thanks Keith