Friday, April 8, 2011

How a friend helps you swim harder, train harder

Most of this week has been pretty easy to manage the fatigue but I was / am quite tired today. Thursday was a hard workout day, moderate to hard intensity water run, then bike intervals followed immediately with a brick 5 km run. The bike intervals were a set of the 4 X 20 min efforts (231, 245, 241, 252 average watts in that order). The run went very very well as I averaged 4:48/km at 137 average bpm, which was much better than Tuesday. I would definitely take that pace / Heart rate at Ironman.

For my easy Friday workout it was a water run (easier), harder swim and easy spin on the bike. The swim was a tough session as I still felt fatigue in the arms from Wednesday's long effort. Thankfully Shannon of was at the pool at the same time. I did a 500m technical warm up and then into a hard main set of 3 X 7 X 100m on a 1:45 cycle with 2 minutes between sets. Overall average of about 1:29 or 1:30. Shannon swam the middle 7 and first 4 of my final set in the lane beside me and as a result I had a few 1:25-1:26 100m intervals in that one. Thanks Shannon for helping me out on a tough swim. I'm heading into Saturday with 16 hours already so should be on track to get 23-24 hours for this middle week.

Many of you have seen this video but it represents my mindset when it comes to this last 21 day training block of which 8 training days are left.

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Shannon Wicks said...

Any time...I had a blast and it was great workout.