Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Halfway through final training block

No video today as I blog from the bike machine in the gym at work and can't find and embed them very easily on the ipad while spinning. Week two continues well with a water run yesterday morning, a lunch 3000m swim in 51 min, and an evening brick session outside. Wind was really strong (outbound section of 11 km took 31 minutes and return took 15 minutes) and as this was first outdoor ride since October and still up to 6 inches of snow on the ground so I stuck to a good highway that was well cleared for a 44 km ride followed by a 5 km run right off the bike. Ran it at an average 138 bpm and clocked just under 5 min / km.

Today was an easier day with a 4500 m pull buoy and paddle swim in 70 min followed by this easy bike on gym bike for 76 min. Did a bunch of work emails tonight on the bike as well as got ready for some duties at Church.

10 days of heavy training to go.

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