Friday, April 22, 2011

15 days to race date, taper started

Two weeks to race day as of tomorrow, so what's been happening.

First off, my last heavy week ended up lighter than planned mostly because by mid-week I was thrashed. Legs heavy, congestion etc so after the heavy Monday, and an intense Tuesday of a week and a half ago I just did a swim on the Wednesday. Still feeling fatigued I took Thursday and Friday off and then a HARD workout with Bernie on Saturday. Was not quite back into full health and despite drinking and fueling well the 2h 30m bike at 227 watts followed by 12 mile run and a 30 minute swim left me almost 6 lbs lighter than I started the workout.

Took the usual Sunday off, then shorter but intense workouts this last Monday, hard swim Tuesday and then got sick and missed work on Wednesday and took Thursday off working out as well to recover. Will do something today of moderate intensity as well as something tomorrow to wrap up week 1 of 3 in the taper.

Worried about the swim temperature as the lake is apparently still at 52-55 degrees F. Ouch. Not good for me.

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