Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Wall revisted, great long run and cool video

Last Saturday I ended up not only doing a 5h 20m bike (albeit at an easy pace) but I decided to run off the bike outside. It was cold, and it was my first hard surface and outdoor run since we got back from Hawaii in early December. Three layers on my legs, three on torso, double gloves and a warm toque. Ran it averaging about 8:15 per mile and was happy with that off the bike.

Took the Sunday rest day and then decided to make my bike ride a Richard vs the Wall round 5 or 6. It had been months (mid November) since I had done a time trial on the IMSG computrainer course. Got all my food ready, drink ready and mentally prepped for a hard workout. End result was I was absolutely ecstatic probably riding faster than ever in my life averaging 32 km/hr over a hilly 108 km course (over 3000 ft climbing) and a big increase 212 average watts compared to the 186 watts back in November. Did an easy water run as well on Monday. Tuesday was a busy work day and only got in a 84 minute ride and Wednesday was even busier at work and then at church so ended up not getting in a workout.

The URD (unscheduled rest day) was put to good use as I did a long run today. The last two long runs were less than stellar so I took lots of energy bars, plus 3 bottles Gatorade and ran 34 km of the IMSG run course on the treadmill plus an extra 0.5 % grade throughout for good measure. Ended up running 2:55 for the 34 km which is about 8:15 per mile pace and was much happier with that over the previous weeks. Last 30 minutes were tough but I just promised myself that if I did the full 34 km at pace I would give myself a rest week next week from a long run. So between mental chanting of "K O N A" and "earn the rest" and "train like Kona depends on this effort, because it does" I pushed my way through the final stages of the workout.

Tonight when I decided to blog I skimmed through the updates from friends on Facebook and found this video below. Makes my piddly Ironman effort seem, well, piddly.

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