Sunday, March 20, 2011

Under 50 days to IMSG and How much to push in this final build cycle?

Last week was very busy at work as expected but I did get in a decent interval session on Thursday running 10 X 1 mile repeats averaging 6:45 overall per mile. Saturday was a massive brick run doing a 6 hour ride followed by a 19.5km run at about 5:20/km averaging under 140 HR. Both of these I feel were good solid workouts. Finished the week at just over 19 hours.

For the first time in my life I am finding it hard to be willing to schedule in a rest week. Race is 7 weeks away and I am planning a three week taper. I have two more long runs to build on in the next 4 weeks (36.5 and 39 km) but I have met the target for a long brick and have done three 5h 20m plus rides. So the real test now is to properly plan this last 4 week cycle before the taper.

The last 7 weeks have been a scale up order (13.7, 12.4, 15.3, 13.1, 18.4, 16.1, 19.2 hours respectively). I am thinking I should drop down to 16-17 hours this week, 21 the week after, then 16-17, then 24ish and then taper. I am also really watching my knee as well. After all these years of self coaching I need some seasoned advice going down the stretch. Usually I don't have this much base at this stage. Time to call a friend.

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