Monday, March 14, 2011

No substitute for work, great need for motivation, great example of a first time marathoners preparation and a video

After a hard run last Thursday I did an easy 70 minutes bike ride on Friday, working out soreness and all, and to recover the knee. I had hoped to do a long brick Saturday but knee was still very tender so I decided a long base bike ride on the computrainer would have to do. So after getting back from my Saturday morning dental appointment I did a six hour ride at easy effort. Sunday rest day. Monday morning 35 minute up tempo water run and a moderate steady state ride indoor bike late Monday night of a couple hours.

Still crazy busy at work and will be for at least two more days but hopefully will hit my goal of 20 hrs this week. However, no long run of 20+ miles this week. Frances and Melanie both starting to taper down for the Yakima marathon in just under 3 weeks. I wish my leg was solid enough to go with them but need to keep it rested for IMSG. It will be Frances' first full and I think she is ready with a peak 41km long run, a 13 X 1 mile long intervals session with 3 min rest between each and a 92km total in her max week. Way more than I did for my first.

Aryana is training hard for her 1st half marathon also, its in Ontario in late April. See her blog here >> Wear Sunscreen

Finally, the video clip of the day for triathlon motivation


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Just as they do this on facebook...


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