Saturday, March 5, 2011

Making Ironman training fit into the available time

The value of time. I wish that I had more in a few ways.

First, more days in a week. I like my job, and really don't mind doing it, I just wish I had an 8th day of the week in the middle for a longer training day. That would be really useful.

Second, more hours in a day. I would love to get more sleep and have an extra 30 minutes from when I drop off Leah to seminary and when my work day starts. It would help me get in that morning workout without being as rushed, and 15 more minutes at lunch for the same reason.

Third, more weeks before IMSG maybe just 4 or 5 so I could get some outdoor rides in. It's march and not even close to riding outside with ice, snow and -15 C temps, thank goodness I have a computrainer.

However, none of those things are going to happen so I need to maximize the time I do have. Like right now, riding an easy long ride and blogging at the same time not only dulls some of the monotony but allows me to take care of multiple things. Awesome having the wireless keyboard and mouse, although the keyboard occasionally flakes out.

Busy life tasks at the start of this last week got me off to a slow start. After Mondays easy spin I got in a second easy spin on the bike on Tuesday for just over an hour and a half. Really making sure I get the time on the bike in. It wasn't that easy though as I did a set of single leg drills that I sure felt on Wednesday. Wednesday was a water run and swim. Did the warm up and cool down with a main swim set of 6 x 100 x 3 for 1800m averaging 1:27 on a 1:45 min cycle with 2 minutes between each subset of 6. I was pleased with that. Thursday was long run day, and again it was tougher than I wanted. Only got in 17.5 miles at 8:30 pace on the IMSG course. the knee was wonky at the start but settled down and heart rate stayed reasonably solid but legs were generally fatigued.

Is it just the fact I am in a heavy volume block or am I over traing? Who knows but I did three workouts Friday with them being an easy bike (85 minutes), easy water run (40 minutes) and moderate swim (3200m steady with pull buoy and paddles in 51 minutes). That went pretty good for the day after a long run.

This morning I decided to switch my 4 hr hard ride with an easy 5 hr ride and take advantage of tomorrows Sunday rest day to ride hard on Monday. Just over 90 minutes into the long ride now. Should finish the week at about 17 hours.

After I finish the blog I will read a pile of emails I have to catch up on. 9 weeks to race day as of today.

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AryanaR said...

I think that you're doing AMAZING with this Dad. You're one of the busiest people that I know, and the fact that you can train this hard and that often is a credit to your time mangaement skills and dedication.