Wednesday, March 23, 2011

45 days, another IM swim PB and EKG anomalies for athletes

As time gets closer to the race more obstacles keep on showing up, or at the very least, distractions. Did a EKG screening way back in November and some anomalies showed up so another EKG screening in march and either I have athletes / runners heart or an impending MI or heart attack. My GP and I both think the former but protocol is to screen for the latter so referral to cardiology clinic and echo cardiogram are now both scheduled.

At this rate they may give me a kona spot as a human interest story before I even run IMSG as a qualifier. I'm stacking up stories faster than miles logged it seems. So Monday when they made the referral and I got the Dr office calling I confirmed with the GP that I'm good to continue training and she said yes and this will likely end up a wild goose chase. I can't wait to be referred to do a treadmill stress test. You can see it now, Sir please tell us when you feel near your limit. Hopefully the test treadmill can go above 10 mph.

So after taking the extra day off on Monday I celebrated my failing body (sarcasm intended) with an ironman swim at lunch in a personal best 63:10 and felt really controlled with splits consistent between 8:15 and 8:20 per 500m all the way through. A 30 min water run at mod rate intensity after work and a 2 hr indoor trainer ride at 175 watts resistance to finish the day. Wednesday was a 45 min water run at lunch, blogging and work emails after work on the reclined bike for 75 min and an intended ride for an hour later tonight.

Did some more research and found 3 really good options for my taper that I am choosing from and decided to go 20 hrs this week, next week a rest week with 2 hard weeks after that before the three week taper.

Weeks ago I posted no excuses, no regrets. Holding to that cause.

WTC here I come!

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