Thursday, February 17, 2011

Survived knee injection for the osteoarthritis treatment

With just over 11 weeks to go my focus continues to shift to more intensity and power, especially on the bike. But before getting into that I should talk about the Duraline shot (sp) I got on monday. In addition to the Glucosamine I made the decision to get the knee injection to help with the cartilege pain and damage. Pretty simple process, some freezing first, then the deeper injection to the lateral side of the knee. I was able to bike later that day but it did feel a bit tight in the evening and didn't sleep overly well that evening.

Doctor said to wait 2 to 3 days before impact training I.e. Running and so Tuesday was a water run, swim and some bike intervals. Wednesday was also water run, swim and bike but easier effort as it is my mid week active rest day. Today, thursday was a morning easy run on the treadmill (30 minutes - 6 km) and then a linger bike with some intervals in the middle of an easy warm up and cool down while I blog on the iPad.

Overall the first four days of the week I an tracking to about 11 hours and should get close to 20 health and fatigue permitting. Best workouts this week include a 2 km time trial swim in 32:13, a bike interval set that included a 4 x 3:45 set with 2:30 rest averaging 293 watts and a swim with two string 500m pull sets averaging 7:20 or less.

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