Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nothing Left on the Table - No Regret Plan

The last two training days I realized that I plan to leave no regrets, no thoughts about could I have done more, trained better. Every hard day I plan to train hard. In other words treat every hard day as if the effort is a direct correlation to a Kona qualification attempt.

On the converse I plan to make sure that I don't over train and that every easy day is just that - EASY, that I have enough recovery time and that there are no excuses for being too tired or too beat up. That the recovery and easy days are critical for building.

So Monday was a solid swim, an easy water run and a hard bike effort with a long warm up and cool down sandwiching an intense 217 watt 35 KM tempo in the middle. Tuesday was a high effort long run on the treadmill where the knee held up great. Got in 20 miles in 2h38m.

And now for Wednesday its a recovery day with three very easy workouts to loosen up, stretch and recover.

Leave no regrets and no effort on the table with empty wishes. Regardless of outcome I plan to stay on focus for the next three months with a discipline that I will be happy with.


Tri-James said...

20 mile run mid week? With 3 months to go to St. George.

Wow, what is your long run peak going to be like?

Blaznfast said...

I am targeting a long run peak of 25 miles at about 3weeks before. From here on in my long runs will be 2 weeks of every three with third week about 13 miles. Increasing long run by .5 miles a week However I plan to make my long run early half of week to make room for long ride on Saturday's with Sunday as full rest day.