Sunday, February 13, 2011

No, I am NOT having a baby, that's just my pain threshold

12 weeks to go as of yesterday.

Another 12+ hour workout week completed last week with eight easy and three intense anchor workouts (my bike tempo on Monday, a long run Tuesday and a hard double bike interval on Friday night - 30 minute warm up followed by 2 X 16 minutes at 240 then 253 watts average and a 15 minute cool down)

As I start to work harder on my intensity I am finding it more key to recover. I had planned to get in workouts on Saturday but between family and church responsibilities plus a trip to the dentist for a cleaning in the morning I just didn't have enough will power to work out, especially after the very intense session on Friday night.

This week my focus again will be at least 2-3 core anchor workouts on the bike and a reasonable run workout - might even try an interval session. The Glucosamine tablets seem to be helping along with the reduce running on terra firma - I did three water runs this week.

However, at the end of the day I must get the bike power up. Friday night I guess I was making so much noise during my interval that my 12 year old daughter came in to the work out room and asked if I was having a baby - I had no idea I had been so loud but I was just pushing my quads to use the highest gear I could and still maintain over 85 rpm. Apparently my pain threshold triggered a bit of heavy breathing and noise. And for the record for those who read but didn't know - I am a guy.

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