Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fitting in ironman training to rest of life

6 Days in May
30 days in Apr
31 days in Mar
18 days in Feb

That's all that's left. 85 days and it doesn't seem like enough. 35 minute morning water run sure felt great after last night's long run. Nice steady state 50 min swim at lunch (500m warm up, 500m kick, 3x500 pull on 9:45 cycle averaging 7:33 plus 100 m cool down) was nice and an evening spin on the bike very easy effort while I blog and answer emails on the ipad.

Focus today is get loose for a hard bike interval session tomorrow night. Watching weight as I lost too much water on last nights run. Despite 2 full water bottles I was down to 149lbs and had some circulation issues post run. So today am refueling. As time gets tighter I continue to look for ways to double up activities. I am sure people at the gym think I an nuts working away on iPad while riding but just only so many hours in a day and I really need 8 plus hrs sleep a night.

Especially since I have other things to do after the workout with kids and church responsibilities.

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Keith said...

The 85 days will be gone before you know it. Stay disciplined, stick to your plan. Life will be good. I admire your ability to use the iPad while spinning. I couldn't do that during the work sets; I'd lose focus.