Tuesday, February 22, 2011

74 days left to have no excuses - go hard on hard days!

Less than 11 weeks to go to Race Date

Finished off last week with my first real test on my knee running mile repeats on Friday night after work. Decided to take them more cautiously at first with a easy 1 mile warm up and then a relatively controlled opening mile repeat on 6:58, knee felt great so I picked up by .1 mph on the treadmill, ended up doing a solid 8 mile repeat set and finished the last repeat at about 6:27. Saturday I got in a reasonable tempo bike ride at 197 watts for 2 hours.

This week started even better than last week finished with an easy long ride on the holiday Monday of 5 hours 10 minutes at 140 watts. Today (Tuesday) was short intervals of 5 X 1km averaging 3:48 (plus a warm up), a strong swim of 5 X 500m averaging 7:57 and then the best long bike intervals that I have ever had with a 3o minute warm up and 5 X 15 minutes (228 watts, 228, 234, 242 and the last at 259 watts) and cool down.

I am grateful that I have been blessed with sufficient health. My key focus now is to remove any excuses that could get in my way of hard workouts.

Some people have commented this goes a little extreme but the intent should be to do all you can to remove the excuses. For example - Go to bed earlier!

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