Sunday, February 6, 2011

3 Months to Go and still focused

Ok, its been a while since I posted. I have been training over 10-18 hours per week despite the usual busy back to work and budget season and its been relatively tough to juggle but have not been overly consistent blogging.

I could blame it on the news about the arthritis, or work in general but its simply been lack of sleep and distractions. However, its time to take advantage of the easy month of January (57 hours total) and regroup for a serious build phase.

Some key workouts that I accomplished during January include a pair of serious bike interval sessions (4 X 15 minutes at 220 - 240 watts with 5 min breaks), and a couple of long bikes, some decent swim workouts (10 X 100 at 1:45 cycle averaging 1:27) and a solid 200m (2:45) and 1km time trial (15:16) and a couple of good long runs on the treadmill (28.5 and 31.5km)

So for a month where I felt that it wasn't spectacular it was still better than what I used to do 6 months ago.

Tomorrow represents three months to Ironman St George. Since my knee probably won't allow another season like this I need to make it count. I am taking some Glucosamine (sp) and its early to tell but it might be helping.


Tri-James said...

Those bike intervals sessions are the bread and butter of a good bike training season.

Well done.

AryanaR said...

Apparently the Glucosamine is shown to have better effects when combined with Chondroitin. However, the effects are best seen in groups where the OA pain is moderate to extreme. Another common medication for the moderate-extreme pain group is Celecoxib (an prescription drug).

Granted, I learned in psychology that you can't specify generic studies to the individual... just sayin that you may want to ask the doc about Chondoritin and Celecoxib if it gets worse.

Other than that, gooooooo Dad!

Darlene Hampson said...

Desparate, obsessive that quote from Will Smith.

Keep the faith and keep going.


Blaznfast said...

The stuff I have has Chondoritin with it. Worked great yesterday