Monday, February 28, 2011

68 days...

68 days to go...

Last week it was either a bug that has been going around or just a touch of over doing it but after my monster Mon and Tues i took an USD - unscheduled rest day - and it was well worth it. Thursday I did a swim and long run (20 miles) and found the run really hard, heart rate was great but muscles were really sore afterwards so Friday was just a swim day. Took both sat and sun off and just did an easy spin for two hours tonight.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

74 days left to have no excuses - go hard on hard days!

Less than 11 weeks to go to Race Date

Finished off last week with my first real test on my knee running mile repeats on Friday night after work. Decided to take them more cautiously at first with a easy 1 mile warm up and then a relatively controlled opening mile repeat on 6:58, knee felt great so I picked up by .1 mph on the treadmill, ended up doing a solid 8 mile repeat set and finished the last repeat at about 6:27. Saturday I got in a reasonable tempo bike ride at 197 watts for 2 hours.

This week started even better than last week finished with an easy long ride on the holiday Monday of 5 hours 10 minutes at 140 watts. Today (Tuesday) was short intervals of 5 X 1km averaging 3:48 (plus a warm up), a strong swim of 5 X 500m averaging 7:57 and then the best long bike intervals that I have ever had with a 3o minute warm up and 5 X 15 minutes (228 watts, 228, 234, 242 and the last at 259 watts) and cool down.

I am grateful that I have been blessed with sufficient health. My key focus now is to remove any excuses that could get in my way of hard workouts.

Some people have commented this goes a little extreme but the intent should be to do all you can to remove the excuses. For example - Go to bed earlier!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Survived knee injection for the osteoarthritis treatment

With just over 11 weeks to go my focus continues to shift to more intensity and power, especially on the bike. But before getting into that I should talk about the Duraline shot (sp) I got on monday. In addition to the Glucosamine I made the decision to get the knee injection to help with the cartilege pain and damage. Pretty simple process, some freezing first, then the deeper injection to the lateral side of the knee. I was able to bike later that day but it did feel a bit tight in the evening and didn't sleep overly well that evening.

Doctor said to wait 2 to 3 days before impact training I.e. Running and so Tuesday was a water run, swim and some bike intervals. Wednesday was also water run, swim and bike but easier effort as it is my mid week active rest day. Today, thursday was a morning easy run on the treadmill (30 minutes - 6 km) and then a linger bike with some intervals in the middle of an easy warm up and cool down while I blog on the iPad.

Overall the first four days of the week I an tracking to about 11 hours and should get close to 20 health and fatigue permitting. Best workouts this week include a 2 km time trial swim in 32:13, a bike interval set that included a 4 x 3:45 set with 2:30 rest averaging 293 watts and a swim with two string 500m pull sets averaging 7:20 or less.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

No, I am NOT having a baby, that's just my pain threshold

12 weeks to go as of yesterday.

Another 12+ hour workout week completed last week with eight easy and three intense anchor workouts (my bike tempo on Monday, a long run Tuesday and a hard double bike interval on Friday night - 30 minute warm up followed by 2 X 16 minutes at 240 then 253 watts average and a 15 minute cool down)

As I start to work harder on my intensity I am finding it more key to recover. I had planned to get in workouts on Saturday but between family and church responsibilities plus a trip to the dentist for a cleaning in the morning I just didn't have enough will power to work out, especially after the very intense session on Friday night.

This week my focus again will be at least 2-3 core anchor workouts on the bike and a reasonable run workout - might even try an interval session. The Glucosamine tablets seem to be helping along with the reduce running on terra firma - I did three water runs this week.

However, at the end of the day I must get the bike power up. Friday night I guess I was making so much noise during my interval that my 12 year old daughter came in to the work out room and asked if I was having a baby - I had no idea I had been so loud but I was just pushing my quads to use the highest gear I could and still maintain over 85 rpm. Apparently my pain threshold triggered a bit of heavy breathing and noise. And for the record for those who read but didn't know - I am a guy.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fitting in ironman training to rest of life

6 Days in May
30 days in Apr
31 days in Mar
18 days in Feb

That's all that's left. 85 days and it doesn't seem like enough. 35 minute morning water run sure felt great after last night's long run. Nice steady state 50 min swim at lunch (500m warm up, 500m kick, 3x500 pull on 9:45 cycle averaging 7:33 plus 100 m cool down) was nice and an evening spin on the bike very easy effort while I blog and answer emails on the ipad.

Focus today is get loose for a hard bike interval session tomorrow night. Watching weight as I lost too much water on last nights run. Despite 2 full water bottles I was down to 149lbs and had some circulation issues post run. So today am refueling. As time gets tighter I continue to look for ways to double up activities. I am sure people at the gym think I an nuts working away on iPad while riding but just only so many hours in a day and I really need 8 plus hrs sleep a night.

Especially since I have other things to do after the workout with kids and church responsibilities.

Nothing Left on the Table - No Regret Plan

The last two training days I realized that I plan to leave no regrets, no thoughts about could I have done more, trained better. Every hard day I plan to train hard. In other words treat every hard day as if the effort is a direct correlation to a Kona qualification attempt.

On the converse I plan to make sure that I don't over train and that every easy day is just that - EASY, that I have enough recovery time and that there are no excuses for being too tired or too beat up. That the recovery and easy days are critical for building.

So Monday was a solid swim, an easy water run and a hard bike effort with a long warm up and cool down sandwiching an intense 217 watt 35 KM tempo in the middle. Tuesday was a high effort long run on the treadmill where the knee held up great. Got in 20 miles in 2h38m.

And now for Wednesday its a recovery day with three very easy workouts to loosen up, stretch and recover.

Leave no regrets and no effort on the table with empty wishes. Regardless of outcome I plan to stay on focus for the next three months with a discipline that I will be happy with.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

3 Months to Go and still focused

Ok, its been a while since I posted. I have been training over 10-18 hours per week despite the usual busy back to work and budget season and its been relatively tough to juggle but have not been overly consistent blogging.

I could blame it on the news about the arthritis, or work in general but its simply been lack of sleep and distractions. However, its time to take advantage of the easy month of January (57 hours total) and regroup for a serious build phase.

Some key workouts that I accomplished during January include a pair of serious bike interval sessions (4 X 15 minutes at 220 - 240 watts with 5 min breaks), and a couple of long bikes, some decent swim workouts (10 X 100 at 1:45 cycle averaging 1:27) and a solid 200m (2:45) and 1km time trial (15:16) and a couple of good long runs on the treadmill (28.5 and 31.5km)

So for a month where I felt that it wasn't spectacular it was still better than what I used to do 6 months ago.

Tomorrow represents three months to Ironman St George. Since my knee probably won't allow another season like this I need to make it count. I am taking some Glucosamine (sp) and its early to tell but it might be helping.