Sunday, January 9, 2011

First full week of 2011 a good one

Day 172 (Wed) Bike 47 minutes - 23km, Run 55 minutes - 10km
Day 173 (Thurs) Swim 52 minutes - 2800m, Bike 220 minutes - 66km
Day 174 (Fri) Run 54 minutes - 11km
Day 175 (Sat) Bike 165 minutes - 77km

Finished off the first week of 2011 better than any other first week in my training career. While I did less volume (17h 45m) than I have been doing over the last month it was a good week.

Recently I have been a bit worried about the swim not coming along but the Thursday swim workout went awesome (500kick warm up and 500m kick cool-down with (6 X 100) X 3 with 15 secs between 100s and 45 seconds between the sets) By far my strongest repeat 100m swim workout when it comes to endurance. Average by set was 1:28, 1:28 and 1:27. Last two 100s in 1:26 and 1:25.

Also pleased with the 11km run on the St George profile (+.5% extra incline) at a good pace and controlled effort.

Spent some time playing games with the kids and also backed off a bit at the second half of the week due to fatigue and some lack of sleep. With today's usual Sunday rest day I am ready to put in a pretty good week next week - ideally around the 20-22 hour range.

Also it's time to start developing some power in the legs for the bike.

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