Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Cholesterol Scare, Now Arthritis Reality

Day 176 (Sunday) rest day
Day 177 (Monday) 20 min swim 800m, 136 minute run - 26.5km
Day 178 (Tuesday) 37 min swim 2000m
Day 179 (Wed) 90 minute bike 40km
Day 180 (Thurs) 50 min swim - 2500m, 155 min bike - 73km, 40 min run (water)
Day 181 (Fri) 55 min swim - 3000m, 120 min bike - 55km

Day 182 and 183 Off

Well, I've delayed this post long enough. Whether it's laziness or a subconscious refusal to post the results of the specialist appointment from Monday.

Doctor confirmed that I have osteo arthritis in my right knee and that while it doesn't prevent me from continuing on this years focus it does mean I still will need to rest it lots and manage the issue with the caveat / advice I consider reducing my running and impact to my knee substantially.

Now that that is off my chest I can focus on this next weeks workouts having finished last week at about 12 hours (when I include a weights session)


AryanaR said...
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AryanaR said...

I'm sorry to hear about the osteo-arthritis, but hey that'll get cured in the resurrection