Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Calculation of ideal HR in an IM marathon

Day 170 Swim 76 minutes - 4.2km, Bike 90 minutes - 40km, Run 121 minutes - 22.5km

Registered for a training peaks account to see what their plans and stats are like in a training plan. Monday was my second last day before retuning to work from the holidays so I took advantage of the full day to get in a good set of workouts.

Nothing super special but I was most happy with my run since it was on the IMSG profile + .5% extra incline throughout. Run was planned as a zone 2 run which for me should be between 120 and 130ish Heart Rate - aka easy enough to pass the talk test throughout. Therefore the speed was slower than usual at an average of 8:40s per mile almost but I also averaged 121 bpm.

Based on some research I've done with my max HR of 177 and resting of 42 I should be running IM marathon at 135 to 145 HR. I figure that if I do that I should be able to average just under 8' per mile on the SG course - right on target for my 3:30 pace for the run.

The methods I used was to take LT threshold for running and subtract 20-30 bpm, as well as checked with a method that says take 180 - age for target and a third method that says take 82% to 88% of the LT bpm. All three methods hit about the same AND seem to match what I have had from experience. When I have run over 145 bpm at Ironman I get in to trouble so good fit there.

Tuesday plan a swim and long bike.

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