Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Cholesterol Scare, Now Arthritis Reality

Day 176 (Sunday) rest day
Day 177 (Monday) 20 min swim 800m, 136 minute run - 26.5km
Day 178 (Tuesday) 37 min swim 2000m
Day 179 (Wed) 90 minute bike 40km
Day 180 (Thurs) 50 min swim - 2500m, 155 min bike - 73km, 40 min run (water)
Day 181 (Fri) 55 min swim - 3000m, 120 min bike - 55km

Day 182 and 183 Off

Well, I've delayed this post long enough. Whether it's laziness or a subconscious refusal to post the results of the specialist appointment from Monday.

Doctor confirmed that I have osteo arthritis in my right knee and that while it doesn't prevent me from continuing on this years focus it does mean I still will need to rest it lots and manage the issue with the caveat / advice I consider reducing my running and impact to my knee substantially.

Now that that is off my chest I can focus on this next weeks workouts having finished last week at about 12 hours (when I include a weights session)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First full week of 2011 a good one

Day 172 (Wed) Bike 47 minutes - 23km, Run 55 minutes - 10km
Day 173 (Thurs) Swim 52 minutes - 2800m, Bike 220 minutes - 66km
Day 174 (Fri) Run 54 minutes - 11km
Day 175 (Sat) Bike 165 minutes - 77km

Finished off the first week of 2011 better than any other first week in my training career. While I did less volume (17h 45m) than I have been doing over the last month it was a good week.

Recently I have been a bit worried about the swim not coming along but the Thursday swim workout went awesome (500kick warm up and 500m kick cool-down with (6 X 100) X 3 with 15 secs between 100s and 45 seconds between the sets) By far my strongest repeat 100m swim workout when it comes to endurance. Average by set was 1:28, 1:28 and 1:27. Last two 100s in 1:26 and 1:25.

Also pleased with the 11km run on the St George profile (+.5% extra incline) at a good pace and controlled effort.

Spent some time playing games with the kids and also backed off a bit at the second half of the week due to fatigue and some lack of sleep. With today's usual Sunday rest day I am ready to put in a pretty good week next week - ideally around the 20-22 hour range.

Also it's time to start developing some power in the legs for the bike.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another large base building day

Day 171 Swim 75 minutes - 4050m, Bike 190 minutes - 90km

Today fatigue really set in and I need to make sure tomorrow is very much a recovery day. Happy with the volume of the workout but effort level was far higher than it should have been for the pace. Also focusing on getting a good sleep.

Swim workout was

500m warm-up
500m Kick with fins
5 X 300m on a 5' cycle averaging 4:32 using pull buoy and paddles
500m Kick with fins
21 X 50m on 1' cycle descending speed to 40s before fail

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Calculation of ideal HR in an IM marathon

Day 170 Swim 76 minutes - 4.2km, Bike 90 minutes - 40km, Run 121 minutes - 22.5km

Registered for a training peaks account to see what their plans and stats are like in a training plan. Monday was my second last day before retuning to work from the holidays so I took advantage of the full day to get in a good set of workouts.

Nothing super special but I was most happy with my run since it was on the IMSG profile + .5% extra incline throughout. Run was planned as a zone 2 run which for me should be between 120 and 130ish Heart Rate - aka easy enough to pass the talk test throughout. Therefore the speed was slower than usual at an average of 8:40s per mile almost but I also averaged 121 bpm.

Based on some research I've done with my max HR of 177 and resting of 42 I should be running IM marathon at 135 to 145 HR. I figure that if I do that I should be able to average just under 8' per mile on the SG course - right on target for my 3:30 pace for the run.

The methods I used was to take LT threshold for running and subtract 20-30 bpm, as well as checked with a method that says take 180 - age for target and a third method that says take 82% to 88% of the LT bpm. All three methods hit about the same AND seem to match what I have had from experience. When I have run over 145 bpm at Ironman I get in to trouble so good fit there.

Tuesday plan a swim and long bike.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in review - 7 career records

Day 167 (Friday)

Decided to take an extra rest day and enjoy New Year's Eve and time with the kids

Day 168 (Saturday) Bike 180 minutes, 85km

Did a base building three hour ride and then enjoyed preparing for and having family over for new year's. Games, fun, meal and visiting.

Day 169 (Sunday) Rest day!

Finally the report up on the finish to 2010.

Highlights of 2010

1) Most weeks run in a year in my career (51 of 52)
2) Most minutes run/walked in a two week stint ever (992 minutes)
3) Highest average swim distance per workout ever (2040 minutes)
4) Highest swim distance in a single month ever (49.7 km)
5) Highest bike distance in a single month ever (1083 km)
6) Highest total hours in a single month ever (86.9 hrs)
7) Highest total hours in a single year ever (391 hours)

What is more impressive is that 5 of those 7 highlights occurred in the month of December. Great start for me to move into January with.

Happy New Year!