Friday, December 3, 2010

Two hikes, great scenery and mourning the loss of a loved article of clothing

Day 140 Swim 73 minutes - 3.8km, Bike 100 minutes - 50km, Hiking/Run 194 minutes - 18.5km

Total on week 1006 minutes

This morning began bright and early with the wind howling over the ocean surf and into our window making a whack of noise and cooling the room. Melanie was hot as an oven and didn't notice the cold while I was freezing and got up to close it slightly.

After finally deciding to get up at 5:30am local time to have breakfast I headed to the BYU-H pool. Now for those occasional readers out there I am not racing anything this trip, its just a vacation full of training to build up volume during the month of December to prepare for my power/intensity phase in the new year. So a leisurely swim of Ironman distance and back to the "house" by 8:00am and then a short nap and planning out the rest of the day.

I decided to ride south today towards Kailua (Oahu Kailua, not Kona) and did a short out and back of 50km round trip. The road was much smoother and will likely be the direction of the long ride for tomorrow.

After the bike ride Melanie and I decided to tackle two hikes, one to Kaena Pt from the end of the road that we biked to yesterday. The second hike was up to Kealia Trail. As you can see from this picture the trail got pretty steep.

disclaimer - do not try this at home

We had to move pretty quickly to get both hikes in before we ran out of daylight since we didn't start the first hike until after 2:00pm. Our strategy included drinking and eating pretty much the last of our fuel before hike two to stay lightweight backpack wise. The hike was rated as a 2.5 to 3 hr endeavour which we allotted all of 1 hr and 40 minutes to get done. In fact, in order to get back before dark and before the parking lot closed we had to run back the 5km downhill. It was a big test for my knee and as a result of protecting the right knee my left quad was screaming at me by the time we got back to the car.

Sadly my favorite shirt, the St George Ironman shirt was left on the car roof and didn't make the 1hr driving trip home. A silent moment of mourning because that shirt did not have the power of the "Polki" a famous sweater that just won't die or get lost.

the polki

So barring the loss of the IM SG shirt it was a great day. Tomorrow I can sleep in to 8 before the pool opens.

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