Sunday, December 26, 2010

Training through the Holidays

Day 159 (Thursday) Swim 58 minutes - 3km, Run 109 minutes - 22km
Day 160 (Friday) Swim 40 minutes - 2.1km, Bike 102 minutes - 48km, Run (water) 45 minutes
Day 161 (Saturday) Run 100 minutes - 16km
Day 162 (Sunday) Rest Day

The past few days I have been enjoying the holiday season and still managed to get in most of my training. Highlights included Thursday doing a 2X1km swim interval at 15:33 (PR), 3 minutes rest and then another at 15:46. In the evening I did an accelerating long run where the first 10 minutes were at about a 9 min/mile pace and every 10 minutes I accelerated about 12 secs / mile finishing the last mile at a 6:45. The knee held up quite well during the run but the legs and knee did feel fatigued the next few days. On Saturday I did a long run with Frances and I was the one slowing the pace down because the knee felt a bit on the weak side. After the evening ride on Friday and the two fairly long runs I decided to not do my 3 hr bike Saturday night which worked well since it was Christmas day. Finished off the week with a regular Sunday rest day.

New week starts tomorrow and since I am off work I hope to get in some great training. As a side note I am officially over half way to the Ironman St George race from the day that I registered.

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