Sunday, December 12, 2010

Run, Sun, Surf, Hiking and Pictures!

Day 147 (Saturday) Swim 43 minutes - 2100m, Kayak/SUP 75 minutes, Run 106 minutes - 20km, Hike 3.5 hours - 12.5km over 1300ft ascent

Total on Week 1629 minutes (27.2 hrs)

We had planned our final full "adventure day" to be packed. I got up early and did a long run. Was very nice to be able to run with no knee issues despite it being a heavy volume week. Ran north 10km, then returned by 8:30 am. Temperature was cool and very comfortable. No pictures just a workout run. Grabbed my swim gear when I returned and did a steady state swim with some technical work at the BYU-H pool.

Once I got back Melanie and I did some kayaking here and then I tried to do the stand up paddle board and was OK on the knees but only could stand for about 5 seconds before the surf would forced me to back to me knees or in one case tossed me overboard.

So I decided to switch to a surfboard but the surf was too small to effectively surf.

After eating some lunch Melanie and I decided to do a hike just west up the hills near the Laie temple. The hike took us about 3.5 miles up around 1300 ft to a waterfall. The hike started out going beside a property owners house who wanted you to not enter his driveway.

If the first sign didn't get the message across the second would.

Once we past the private property area the trail started off quite easy and scenic with some cool trees along the way and a nice trail before we got to an area that the trail had been washed out.

Some soft clay areas.

As we moved out of the lower treeline past a "meadow" there were some nice tropical flowers.

And as elevation increased we were treated to some views back over Laie.

And then up towards the cloud line as we climbed up the mountain range.

Melanie poses for a view over the valley.

About 1/2 way up the mountain we went through a tiny "pine" style forest that sat on top of a 8 foot wide ridge that dropped off either side of the trail.

After passing the "pine" forest the trees on the ridge became more tropical style and off to the left was a sheer drop that you had these thin little trees guarding the 2 ft wide path and about 4 feet to the right was the other drop-off.

After what seemed forever under this canopy we finally go to a fork in the road that gave the option of going to the summit or dropping down to a waterfall. The sign said exercise caution to the waterfall so that is the direction we chose of course. It was a small waterfall and warnings not to swim in the water so we took a couple of pictures to give you a sense of what the little waterfall was like.

Now a few days ago we posed a picture from another hike but on this hike we did have to use some ropes and climbing to get back out from the waterfall area. Here are a couple of pictures to give a sense of the climb out. You can get a sense out dark it was deep under the canopy as the auto flash was triggering in the first picture until I turned off flash in the second.

So that concluded a busy day. Tomorrow is officially a rest day again after we attend church in the morning.

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