Friday, December 10, 2010

Rain, Running, Rental Place Flooding

Day 145 (Thursday) Swim 100 minutes - 4.8 km, Run 93 minutes - 18 km, Water Run 60 minutes

Total on Week 1007 minutes

Well these two volume weeks are now starting to be felt in overall fatigue. hitting 21 hours last week and on pace for about 27-28 this week if I were able to maintain it would be huge for me. Tropical storms and heavy rain made today's 5 hour workout goal really difficult without biking conditions possible. As a result I put in a long run, a water run and a very long swim.

The rain was heavy enough that they cancelled the surfing competition we had planned to go and watch and also washed out some trails we had thought about hiking today. By the late evening when we went to bed the news had broadcast about one dead surfer, another badly injured one on the other side of the island and some tourists almost swept away because their backs were turned to the ocean.

Video of surf competition from earlier this year that we didn't get to see today

In addition we saw 4 search and rescue helicopters off the north east coast by us for over and hour searching the outer reef. Don't think that bodes well. Just as we were about to turn off the lights we realized our rental place was flooding and within 30 minutes about 50 percent of the floor was under water and some of it over 1.5 inches deep. maybe tomorrow mornings swim might be heading form bed to the washroom.

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