Sunday, December 5, 2010

Polynesian Cultural Center and a light workout day

Day 141 (Saturday) Swim 61 minutes - 3200m, Bike 116 minutes - 50km

Total on week 21 hours Yay!

Finally broke the barrier this year of 20 hours of workouts which was set in the 3rd week of September. Plan is to get in a HUGE week next week after taking Sunday (today) as a rest day. My first week back in Calgary will be a recovery week down to about 10 hours or so and then two more big weeks to finish off December as the key volume build month.

Saturday mornings swim was the usual here with a large technical warm-up and cool down of about 750m each with a 750m pull set and 750m regular stroke set in the middle with a few lengths puttering around to finish the two mile distance. Melanie had joined me for the swim and did slightly more than I did. We then did the "hobbit" like thing and went back to the rental place for second breakfast and then off for a bike ride.

Today on the ride we had even more wind than previous days and both of us could feel the strenuous hikes/run from Friday in the quads so we kept the effort fairly low intensity and did the same 50km ride that I had done yesterday. It was a blast with the tail wind return hitting an average of 30km/h and not even working at all. You can see some of the wind strength from the photo below of the para sail surfers out in force.

We showered, changed and then headed off to the Polynesian Cultural Center for our sightseeing activity of the day. The various shows in the village were all quite good but my favorite was the main evening show "Ha, the Breathe of Life". Dinner was a good buffet. I thought it was a great deal for the ticket prices on the full day pass that included everything. We didn't take a ton of pictures at the centre but I have included one of Mel and I thanks to the self-timer picture feature.

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