Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long Bike to Kaena Pt and a Swim at BYU-Hawaii

Day 139 Swim 65 minutes - 3200m, Bike 234 minutes - 101km

Total on Week 715 minutes

I was able to sleep in a bit better today and I hope to be fully adjusted to Hawaii time by tomorrow. Melanie and I got off on a bike ride by 8am local time. The wind was a bit more than yesterday and we decided to go forward with our plans to get to Kaena Pt anyways, or at least as far as the road went as it goes unpaved for the last few miles. We had a strong tailwind / cross-tailwind heading out and made it to the end of the road before 10:30 with only one stop near Sunset beach where Melanie had flatted. Scenic and uneventful other than ejecting water bottles from the cages due to rough roads (which happened about 4 times between us until Melanie found some elastics to tighten the grab of the water bottle case).

Our Route

A picture of Melanie and I at the end of the road well past the Dillingham Airstrip for skydiving and gliders

On the way back we had a fair bit more headwind as the tradewinds picked up and so we took a few more stops to rest and fuel up along the way. Melanie had a tube go missing on the bumpy road but fortunately I saw it eject from her Bento Box and retrieved it unlike the tube I had lost yesterday. We took some pictures at Haleiwa Regional Park at the first rest stop on the way back and then some more pictures at Sunset Beach before putting our heads down for the very windy final 21km to the house.

Haleiwa Regional Park

Sunset Beach

After we got back and had a quick shower we went to the BYU - Hawaii Campus and got our guest passes so we can use their swimming pool - very exciting since our beach area here is not a safe ocean swim place with the currents and reef. The cost was $10 each and good for a month of swimming. Very Very Cool.

A grocery run, a meal, a nap and then off to the pool for a swim to round out the day. The pool is an uncharacteristic 36m long, kind of like the SAIT pool but no bulkhead to end it at the appropriate 25m. Therefore I just did a steady state swim.

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Shannon Wicks said...

Those pasty white legs are a dead give-a-way you are from a cold northern!

But with all that outdoor activity you'll be doing it won't be long before you tan up.

Thanks for sharing your pictures so far.