Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ironman Swim PR in practice, Technique Review Video

Day 158 Swim 67 minutes - 4km, Bike 124 minutes - 57 km, Run (water) 30 minutes

Not a bad day at all, watching a potential niggling cold I have developed sniffles since being back from Hawaii. Morning swim was a steady state IM swim test and while setting a new PR in the pool I was hoping to be faster than the 63:22 I was. Started out a bit quick at 8:05 for the first 500, last 500 was around an 8:25 so need to balance things a bit better. Had the guard a while back take a clip of me swimming from the side of the pool.

I noticed that my left arm is extending too far over the water before entering. My buddy Bernie is now swimming blistering compared to me so I need to chat with him and find out where his big improvement forward came from.

Water Run at lunch to allow the knee to recover a bit from yesterdays 9 miler and then a lower cadence bigger gear 2 hr bike last night. Despite the extra hours this month my weight is back up to 154-155 lbs. Not sure if that is reality for my size of frame or if I can squeeze the weight down any further. It's going to be hard to modify diet much more and so only option is reduce portion size and do another calorie counting week to log what I am really eating.

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