Saturday, December 11, 2010

Harder Swim, Harder Bike, Long Hrs

Day 146 (Friday) swim 48 minutes - 2300m, Bike 110 minutes - 59km, Run (Water) 30 minutes

total on week 1195 minutes (just under 20 hrs with one day left)

It was a bit harder to get motivated today with the less than pleasant weather but I got out at noon for a swim (Swam it hard with 4X500 with pull bout and paddles at 7:42 per 500 on average) and water run after we cleaned up from the flooded floor of our rental. Rain slowed quite a bit and had sections where it stopped and by late afternoon had stopped enough that I could go for a bike ride and Melanie went for a short hike just from our place here.

We both had a great time and I rode really quite hard for the volume I have put in so far so no pictures from my ride. I went out at over 30km/h in a slight head wind and came back at about 34.4km/h. Melanie had the camera with her on the hike so she got a few there.

Feeling pretty tired so we went to bed at about 8:00 pm local time and are starting to get ready to re-acclimatize to the Calgary time zone. We have a big day planned for Saturday so should get a number of good pictures I hope.

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