Thursday, December 16, 2010

First swim in Calgary plus my free Wheaties promotional boxes

Day 152 Swim 50 minutes - 2500m

Since we were leaving Hawaii Tuesday was a no workout day due to travel for 15 hours plus three time zone changes. Wednesday was getting caught up on work and personal things so that left today to resume training. Suffering a bit of jet lag so not planning on an evening workout leaving the noon swim as the only thing (500m warm up, 3x500 at 7:30 pull buoy, 7:30 pull buoy, 7:45 full stroke, 500m cool down).

Got my new promotional Wheaties and Wheaties Fuel box via Fedex yesterday complete with Macca images on the box.

Wheaties FB page has nutrition tips now.

They did some videos getting Ironman Kona participant views on nutrition on their you tube channel.

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