Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final Hawaiian Workout and Pictures

Day 149 (Monday) Swim 34 minutes - 2000m, Bike 70 minutes - 31km

Total on Week 104 minutes

Sunday was a very restful and relaxing day doing next to nothing except hanging out at our rental place. We took a couple pictures at the church (no snow removal assignment in their ward.

We packed up on Monday to stay Monday night in Honolulu just off Waikiki. Before leaving Kauula I did a final morning swim at BYU-H and then Melanie and I did a short easy bike ride and took the camera and got some final pictures of the usual south direction riding route.

After checking out we first went and did the Pearl Harbour tourist thing before checking into our place on Waikiki. We lingered at the beach long after sunset and then headed back for our last sleep before the Tuesday flight home.

Our final vacation sunset.

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