Thursday, December 30, 2010

Short clip of my running form and two heavy training days

Day 165 (Wednesday) Swim 70 minutes - 3km, Bike 61 minutes - 28km, Run 63 minutes - 12km
Day 166 (Thursday) Bike 180 minutes - 85km, Run 95 minutes - 21km

Total on Week 1074 minutes

First off its been a great volume training week despite the trend not looking good for me to break my goal of 100 hrs on the month of training. Given my highest month this year was just over 60 hrs and my career high month is about 67 hrs I am very happy with the monthly volume. I expect it will hit around 92 hrs. I also had hoped to get nearer to 30 hrs on the week but am on track for about 25 ish given we have family coming Saturday.

Wed morning swim was great. Aryana joined me and we had a lot of fun doing technical training together. Then in the afternoon Leah and Melanie joined me at the gym and they did a workout while I did a treadmill run. Knee felt quite good, still not ideal but seems to be better than it was. Finished off with a short bike in the late afternoon before family came over for dinner and a holiday visit during the evening. Thursday I started off earlier with a 3 hr ride on the computrainer but I sure felt tired and worn - likely due to the volume this week and month. Of course my goal was to teach myself how to deal with the efforts in preparation for a strong race at St. George.

I returned to the gym for a recently rare two runs in a row workout. Knee felt really good despite yesterdays terra firma run and I felt quite recovered from the morning ride so decided to push the afternoon run a little. Opened up around 8 minute miles and finished the 21km in 1:35 with a 6:12 mile to finish. What a sense of relief.

Secretly I have been worried I am losing my running speed with the injury but not only did I do the run injury free (Big YaY) it was also fast negative split (50min / 45min) I also did it on fatigue and felt absolutely great! I think my reward should be sleeping in tomorrow. About a month ago I did a short video clip at the gym when I was running. If you slow mo through you can see the stress on the knees as I plant and push off. Is very interesting.

Tomorrow's blog post will be the year in summary and hopefully I can do a monster swim tomorrow to set a career swim mileage high.

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