Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cold in Hawaiian Ocean Water? Yes, that's me.

Day 142 (Monday) Swim 70 minutes - 3200m, Bike 167 minutes - 85km, Run (Water) 62 minutes

Total on Week 300 minutes

Not a lot of pictures today as I went on a solo ride without Melanie this morning and rode some hills as well as fairly hard up tempo 25km tail end of my ride on the flats home. Averaged a pretty quick pace of 35.5 km/h with no wind over the last 25km. I went to upload the data and show the Garmin info and realized I left my Garmin connect cable at home in Calgary. Satellite image of ride route

Water Run in the morning in an outdoor pool sure beats at SAIT plus an evening swim. For our afternoon recreation we went to a nature reserve area in the Southeast of the island. I only snorkeled a bit because I felt really uncomfortable snorkeling over the shallow areas of the reef at low tide. Melanie saw a turtle as well as many cool fish. I saw a number of fish in the deeper sections until I got too cold, guess the floating around and snorkeling doesn't cause me to generate enough body temp and I ended up getting out and warming up. Even got pasty white fingers and feet in the Hawaiian water. My poor circulation that I can even get cold in Hawaii.


Mom said...

I noted your dilemma about uploading from your Garmin. I don't know if yours is the same as mine, but I can use my camera connect on my Garmin and vice versa.

Blaznfast said...

We are just using the memory card directly to upload pictures, didn't bring connect cables.