Wednesday, December 1, 2010

At peace and enjoying workouts

Day 138 Swim 57 minutes - 3km, Hiking/Walking 150 minutes - 9km, Biking 82 minutes - 43km, Run 51 minutes - 9.5 km

Total on Week 416 minutes

Today was our first full day in Hawaii. I still haven't adjusted to the time zone but oh I am so happy to be on vacation. I woke up at 3:30am local (6:30 Calgary time) and dozed on and off until at 5:30 when I finally decided to get up and walked to the good beach for swimming. I think it was called Ali Moana Beach. After walking at a brisk pace in the dark to get there I waited until there was enough light to swim a straight line between the beach and the seawall parallel to shore. I swam for an hour going back and forth along the .5 mile beach a couple of times and then got out. Once it got light enough I saw a school of fish that I swam right through. I didn't see the mass of jellyfish that ended up on the beach. Lucky for me. They looked like a bunch of used IV bags lying on the beach. When I got back to the hotel Melanie was up and we went for breakfast at IHOP and then checked out to go to our rental cottage at the North Shore. On the way we decided to go see Diamond Head. We took a whack of pictures of which I will only show one picture from the lookout and one video from our hike up.

The lookout at the top rim of Diamond Head Crater looking west towards Honolulu and Waikiki.

Video of the middle section of the hike up.

After hiking Diamond Head we drove along the coast on our way to the North Shore rental property and got groceries en route. After checking in I had a brief nap, Melanie went for a run and then I got my bike put together. Thanks TSA for a battle wound to the frame (again), damage to my seat and to the bike pump. I don't think they actually do the damage but fail to repack properly after inspection which then allows damage to be caused in flight. Once I had the bike together I went for a ride from our place at Hau'ula Beach to Sunset Beach and back (about 43km round trip). Easy ride with a fair bit of wind but averaged over 30km/hr comfortably. Lost a tube out of the x-lab rack in a bumpy section unfortunately.

After finishing the bike ride (almost got nailed by a truck who was backing out of a driveway without looking) I then did a brick run off the bike and ran easy for 9.5 km to close out the workout day. Got home, ate supper (thanks to Melanie for having it ready) and put Mel's bike back together.

Loaded the pictures off the camera on to the computer and took some time to post the days events. It's a late night already in Calgary and Mel is now sleeping as I blog. I should get some rest soon as well. We hope to ride the full section of North Shore tomorrow, which might be about 120km and then go swimming at the BYU pool in the evening if we can get a pass and temp ID to swim.

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Shannon Wicks said...

Cool picture! Hope you guys enjoy your vacation there!