Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Around Oahu Ride

Day 144 Bike 392 minutes - Between 165km and 172km

Total on week so far 754 minutes

Melanie and I had a great time today doing the original Ironman Hawaii Bike course on Oahu with a few modifications. In preparation for our ride we researched the following two websites with some information on the route we would be taking.

FLA Cyclist

Ironman Revisited

Our route was slightly different as you can see from the map below:

We started and ended just north of Hauula and rode the island counter clockwise. Here is our version of this vacations epic ride in the format of an interview.

(EV) Richard and Melanie, I'm the Burninator (TM) from Extreme Vacations for recovering marriages due to Ironman training regimes. I heard that the two of you recently went on a romantic vacation at Oahu, Hawaii and took your bikes (insert eye roll from the Burninator here). So romance aside you can tell us about one of your rides while on vacation.

(R) Well we like to make sure we are suitably rested before we start so Melanie is practicing her pre-workout technique in this picture.

(EV) OK, so we know by the picture that you are already up and getting ready for the ride. Richard, tell us about the first part of the ride.

(R) We rode the north section first with limited wind and the cool of the morning. This section of rode is a bit rough for the first 30km or so. As you round the north-east corner of the island you pass Turtle Bay resort and golf course. This is about 14 km into the day.

(EV) It looks like the sun is just barely up, what time did you two leave anyways

(M) It was OK. At least it was light out when we left at 7:25am.

(EV) Melanie, you are not overly descriptive with the play by play style of your husband. No stats to report for us?

(M) ::eye roll::

(EV) OK then anything else in the first 30km that is rough roads and just getting light?

(R) Around 20km in we passed Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline and a few other surf spots that were already quite busy as the surf was up today and there was the Banzai Pipeline surfing competition.

(R) Just before Waimea Bay (26km) we got another great picture

(EV) So once you got off the north shore road rumor has it that hwy 99 south is far smoother, just climbing and headwind is all.

(M) It is a very deceiving hill, you don't think you are climbing all that much as you pass pineapple fields on one side and orchards on the other. This picture is before we started climbing hard.

(R) That was around 35km. We didn't take many pictures over the next 30km due to the climbing effort, then the downhill stint past Schofield Barracks. Once we got into the outskirts of Honolulu / Pearl City we had to navigate some ugly highway / freeway interchanges to keep somewhat out of traffic. The traffic and the lights really slowed the middle section of the ride.

(EV) So I understand that you have been whining about your bike making clicks and not spinning smoothly under loads. Did that cause you any trouble today.

(R) In fact, just as we started going past Aloha Tower my chain was getting caught and causing me tons of problems. At first I thought it was just really dry and needed lubrication so we started looking for a Gas station. It seemed that there were none for ages and we got stopped at a light and looked across the street and there was a bike specialty store "Bike Factory". We decided to see if they could help and while lubricating the chain we noticed that my chain had a broken link with one side gone and the other side bent.

Who knows how long it was like that but what a blessing to have it break right then at the store and was able to get the chain replaced. If it had happened most anywhere else on the island we could have been in real trouble.

(M) I could see it now. Richard then convinces me to ride all the way around the island to get the car to come and pick him up. Some people will do anything to get out of a long ride or long run. Not unlike Richard calling me when we were first married to come pick him up from a long run he bonked during halfway across Calgary.

(EV) OK, let's not dredge up the past and keep this article about a bike ride. You had to have been out for a while by then, ever think about lunch?

(M) Well I wanted to get more than halfway before we stopped for lunch so we rode past Waikiki, then Diamond Head, then almost to Hanamau Bay before having lunch at Subway.

(R) We saw lots of pre-race preparations for the Honolulu marathon on Sunday as you can see the start /finish area being prepped. I was so hungry when Melanie the taskmaster said we could stop for lunch at 105km just past Kuliouou

(EV) OK, so what did you guys eat for nutrition on this monster ride?

(R) I had 2 power bars, 4 oranges, a banana, a foot long sub at subway (lunch), 3 bottles of water and 4 bottles of Gatorade.

(M) I am not a pig like Richard and just ate 3 power bars, 3 bottles of water, 3 bottles of Gatorade and a 6 inch sub (lunch).

(EV) So is the southeast coastline as spectacular as you two make it out to be?

(M) See the pictures I took at about 115km into the ride.

(EV) Ok, so you were probably getting tired by this point, was that an excuse to take pictures or pictures the excuse to take a rest.

(M) No comment. Just look at some more pictures.

(R) These would be at about 120 and 130 km into our ride before and after Kailua, Oahu.

(EV) So any finishing pictures to celebrate the ride?

(M) Of course. These are at our rental place.

(EV) Any final comments?

(R) A great ride, we were very fortunate that not a single flat and my chain repair came at the absolute best possible time.

Disclaimer - Any reference to the "Burninator" and words put in Melanie's mouth at the hands of my fingertips are purely informational and not necessarily realistic.

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