Thursday, December 30, 2010

Short clip of my running form and two heavy training days

Day 165 (Wednesday) Swim 70 minutes - 3km, Bike 61 minutes - 28km, Run 63 minutes - 12km
Day 166 (Thursday) Bike 180 minutes - 85km, Run 95 minutes - 21km

Total on Week 1074 minutes

First off its been a great volume training week despite the trend not looking good for me to break my goal of 100 hrs on the month of training. Given my highest month this year was just over 60 hrs and my career high month is about 67 hrs I am very happy with the monthly volume. I expect it will hit around 92 hrs. I also had hoped to get nearer to 30 hrs on the week but am on track for about 25 ish given we have family coming Saturday.

Wed morning swim was great. Aryana joined me and we had a lot of fun doing technical training together. Then in the afternoon Leah and Melanie joined me at the gym and they did a workout while I did a treadmill run. Knee felt quite good, still not ideal but seems to be better than it was. Finished off with a short bike in the late afternoon before family came over for dinner and a holiday visit during the evening. Thursday I started off earlier with a 3 hr ride on the computrainer but I sure felt tired and worn - likely due to the volume this week and month. Of course my goal was to teach myself how to deal with the efforts in preparation for a strong race at St. George.

I returned to the gym for a recently rare two runs in a row workout. Knee felt really good despite yesterdays terra firma run and I felt quite recovered from the morning ride so decided to push the afternoon run a little. Opened up around 8 minute miles and finished the 21km in 1:35 with a 6:12 mile to finish. What a sense of relief.

Secretly I have been worried I am losing my running speed with the injury but not only did I do the run injury free (Big YaY) it was also fast negative split (50min / 45min) I also did it on fatigue and felt absolutely great! I think my reward should be sleeping in tomorrow. About a month ago I did a short video clip at the gym when I was running. If you slow mo through you can see the stress on the knees as I plant and push off. Is very interesting.

Tomorrow's blog post will be the year in summary and hopefully I can do a monster swim tomorrow to set a career swim mileage high.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two long workout days back to back

Day 164 Swim 85 minutes - 4.5km, Bike 165 minutes - 77km, Run (Water) 50 minutes

Total on week 605 minutes

Day 2 in a row of 5hr plus training. Swam again at the Canyon Meadows pool, more continuous than yesterday but a new workout set

1000m w/u (250 technical cycle as usual X 4)
500m kick
5X100m on 1:45 averaged 1:30 per 100
500m kick
5X100m on 1:45 averaged 1:30 per 100
500m kick
1000m pull buoy (17:00)

Not overly fast but not pedestrian either.

Did a 50 minute water run immediately after and then went as a family to the new TRON movie in 3D IMAX, kids all loved it! After the movie did the bike ride inside and watched 1996 Ironman Hawaii for the last part of it to stay motivated. I needed the boost today.

It's going to be a long week going after the volume level I want but I am holding back on the intensity and working on my base in order to build the engine (as Kyle M encouraged)

Time with kids plus some good base training

Day 163 Swim 85 minutes - 2.7km, Bike 165 minutes - 77km, Run 55 minutes - 10km

Total on week 305 minutes, Goal 25+ hours

Started the week out well with an opportunity to swim with a fellow blogger from Calgary and then have a breakfast afterwards. Great chance to chat and meet up.

Followed that up with a mid day indoor bike ride on the trainer and then a late evening run spending time with the kids in between playing games and visiting.

Great holiday day, nothing fast or intense just building base and volume. Plan a similar type of workout day tomorrow.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Training through the Holidays

Day 159 (Thursday) Swim 58 minutes - 3km, Run 109 minutes - 22km
Day 160 (Friday) Swim 40 minutes - 2.1km, Bike 102 minutes - 48km, Run (water) 45 minutes
Day 161 (Saturday) Run 100 minutes - 16km
Day 162 (Sunday) Rest Day

The past few days I have been enjoying the holiday season and still managed to get in most of my training. Highlights included Thursday doing a 2X1km swim interval at 15:33 (PR), 3 minutes rest and then another at 15:46. In the evening I did an accelerating long run where the first 10 minutes were at about a 9 min/mile pace and every 10 minutes I accelerated about 12 secs / mile finishing the last mile at a 6:45. The knee held up quite well during the run but the legs and knee did feel fatigued the next few days. On Saturday I did a long run with Frances and I was the one slowing the pace down because the knee felt a bit on the weak side. After the evening ride on Friday and the two fairly long runs I decided to not do my 3 hr bike Saturday night which worked well since it was Christmas day. Finished off the week with a regular Sunday rest day.

New week starts tomorrow and since I am off work I hope to get in some great training. As a side note I am officially over half way to the Ironman St George race from the day that I registered.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ironman Swim PR in practice, Technique Review Video

Day 158 Swim 67 minutes - 4km, Bike 124 minutes - 57 km, Run (water) 30 minutes

Not a bad day at all, watching a potential niggling cold I have developed sniffles since being back from Hawaii. Morning swim was a steady state IM swim test and while setting a new PR in the pool I was hoping to be faster than the 63:22 I was. Started out a bit quick at 8:05 for the first 500, last 500 was around an 8:25 so need to balance things a bit better. Had the guard a while back take a clip of me swimming from the side of the pool.

I noticed that my left arm is extending too far over the water before entering. My buddy Bernie is now swimming blistering compared to me so I need to chat with him and find out where his big improvement forward came from.

Water Run at lunch to allow the knee to recover a bit from yesterdays 9 miler and then a lower cadence bigger gear 2 hr bike last night. Despite the extra hours this month my weight is back up to 154-155 lbs. Not sure if that is reality for my size of frame or if I can squeeze the weight down any further. It's going to be hard to modify diet much more and so only option is reduce portion size and do another calorie counting week to log what I am really eating.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Slacker on Blogging, Partial Slacker on Training, My new shake mix

Day 154 Bike 106 minutes - 50km, Run 80 minutes - 16km
Day 156 Bike 241 minutes - 114km
Day 157 Run 72 minutes - 15km

I got out of habit blogging and also was less consistent training over the past 5 days or so. I got my rest week in but it was a little lighter than I had planned and this week I want to get in about 20 hours of training but a slower start than planned as well. The next two days will identify if I can things on track for the 20 hour week.

Highlights of the last few days include watching IM Hawaii (Kona) broadcast last Saturday, A couple of pain free runs on the treadmill with the hope of being able to slowly build back my run volume and setting up a better connection for me to watch TV shows we recorded on PVR while I ride in the basement.

Finally, my new favorite protein shake mix.

8 frozen strawberries
1 banana
6 ice cubes
3 tablespoon rounded of 0 calorie/0 fat yogurt
1/2 cup milk
scoop whey protein

Thursday, December 16, 2010

First swim in Calgary plus my free Wheaties promotional boxes

Day 152 Swim 50 minutes - 2500m

Since we were leaving Hawaii Tuesday was a no workout day due to travel for 15 hours plus three time zone changes. Wednesday was getting caught up on work and personal things so that left today to resume training. Suffering a bit of jet lag so not planning on an evening workout leaving the noon swim as the only thing (500m warm up, 3x500 at 7:30 pull buoy, 7:30 pull buoy, 7:45 full stroke, 500m cool down).

Got my new promotional Wheaties and Wheaties Fuel box via Fedex yesterday complete with Macca images on the box.

Wheaties FB page has nutrition tips now.

They did some videos getting Ironman Kona participant views on nutrition on their you tube channel.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final Hawaiian Workout and Pictures

Day 149 (Monday) Swim 34 minutes - 2000m, Bike 70 minutes - 31km

Total on Week 104 minutes

Sunday was a very restful and relaxing day doing next to nothing except hanging out at our rental place. We took a couple pictures at the church (no snow removal assignment in their ward.

We packed up on Monday to stay Monday night in Honolulu just off Waikiki. Before leaving Kauula I did a final morning swim at BYU-H and then Melanie and I did a short easy bike ride and took the camera and got some final pictures of the usual south direction riding route.

After checking out we first went and did the Pearl Harbour tourist thing before checking into our place on Waikiki. We lingered at the beach long after sunset and then headed back for our last sleep before the Tuesday flight home.

Our final vacation sunset.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Run, Sun, Surf, Hiking and Pictures!

Day 147 (Saturday) Swim 43 minutes - 2100m, Kayak/SUP 75 minutes, Run 106 minutes - 20km, Hike 3.5 hours - 12.5km over 1300ft ascent

Total on Week 1629 minutes (27.2 hrs)

We had planned our final full "adventure day" to be packed. I got up early and did a long run. Was very nice to be able to run with no knee issues despite it being a heavy volume week. Ran north 10km, then returned by 8:30 am. Temperature was cool and very comfortable. No pictures just a workout run. Grabbed my swim gear when I returned and did a steady state swim with some technical work at the BYU-H pool.

Once I got back Melanie and I did some kayaking here and then I tried to do the stand up paddle board and was OK on the knees but only could stand for about 5 seconds before the surf would forced me to back to me knees or in one case tossed me overboard.

So I decided to switch to a surfboard but the surf was too small to effectively surf.

After eating some lunch Melanie and I decided to do a hike just west up the hills near the Laie temple. The hike took us about 3.5 miles up around 1300 ft to a waterfall. The hike started out going beside a property owners house who wanted you to not enter his driveway.

If the first sign didn't get the message across the second would.

Once we past the private property area the trail started off quite easy and scenic with some cool trees along the way and a nice trail before we got to an area that the trail had been washed out.

Some soft clay areas.

As we moved out of the lower treeline past a "meadow" there were some nice tropical flowers.

And as elevation increased we were treated to some views back over Laie.

And then up towards the cloud line as we climbed up the mountain range.

Melanie poses for a view over the valley.

About 1/2 way up the mountain we went through a tiny "pine" style forest that sat on top of a 8 foot wide ridge that dropped off either side of the trail.

After passing the "pine" forest the trees on the ridge became more tropical style and off to the left was a sheer drop that you had these thin little trees guarding the 2 ft wide path and about 4 feet to the right was the other drop-off.

After what seemed forever under this canopy we finally go to a fork in the road that gave the option of going to the summit or dropping down to a waterfall. The sign said exercise caution to the waterfall so that is the direction we chose of course. It was a small waterfall and warnings not to swim in the water so we took a couple of pictures to give you a sense of what the little waterfall was like.

Now a few days ago we posed a picture from another hike but on this hike we did have to use some ropes and climbing to get back out from the waterfall area. Here are a couple of pictures to give a sense of the climb out. You can get a sense out dark it was deep under the canopy as the auto flash was triggering in the first picture until I turned off flash in the second.

So that concluded a busy day. Tomorrow is officially a rest day again after we attend church in the morning.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Harder Swim, Harder Bike, Long Hrs

Day 146 (Friday) swim 48 minutes - 2300m, Bike 110 minutes - 59km, Run (Water) 30 minutes

total on week 1195 minutes (just under 20 hrs with one day left)

It was a bit harder to get motivated today with the less than pleasant weather but I got out at noon for a swim (Swam it hard with 4X500 with pull bout and paddles at 7:42 per 500 on average) and water run after we cleaned up from the flooded floor of our rental. Rain slowed quite a bit and had sections where it stopped and by late afternoon had stopped enough that I could go for a bike ride and Melanie went for a short hike just from our place here.

We both had a great time and I rode really quite hard for the volume I have put in so far so no pictures from my ride. I went out at over 30km/h in a slight head wind and came back at about 34.4km/h. Melanie had the camera with her on the hike so she got a few there.

Feeling pretty tired so we went to bed at about 8:00 pm local time and are starting to get ready to re-acclimatize to the Calgary time zone. We have a big day planned for Saturday so should get a number of good pictures I hope.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Rain, Running, Rental Place Flooding

Day 145 (Thursday) Swim 100 minutes - 4.8 km, Run 93 minutes - 18 km, Water Run 60 minutes

Total on Week 1007 minutes

Well these two volume weeks are now starting to be felt in overall fatigue. hitting 21 hours last week and on pace for about 27-28 this week if I were able to maintain it would be huge for me. Tropical storms and heavy rain made today's 5 hour workout goal really difficult without biking conditions possible. As a result I put in a long run, a water run and a very long swim.

The rain was heavy enough that they cancelled the surfing competition we had planned to go and watch and also washed out some trails we had thought about hiking today. By the late evening when we went to bed the news had broadcast about one dead surfer, another badly injured one on the other side of the island and some tourists almost swept away because their backs were turned to the ocean.

Video of surf competition from earlier this year that we didn't get to see today

In addition we saw 4 search and rescue helicopters off the north east coast by us for over and hour searching the outer reef. Don't think that bodes well. Just as we were about to turn off the lights we realized our rental place was flooding and within 30 minutes about 50 percent of the floor was under water and some of it over 1.5 inches deep. maybe tomorrow mornings swim might be heading form bed to the washroom.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Around Oahu Ride

Day 144 Bike 392 minutes - Between 165km and 172km

Total on week so far 754 minutes

Melanie and I had a great time today doing the original Ironman Hawaii Bike course on Oahu with a few modifications. In preparation for our ride we researched the following two websites with some information on the route we would be taking.

FLA Cyclist

Ironman Revisited

Our route was slightly different as you can see from the map below:

We started and ended just north of Hauula and rode the island counter clockwise. Here is our version of this vacations epic ride in the format of an interview.

(EV) Richard and Melanie, I'm the Burninator (TM) from Extreme Vacations for recovering marriages due to Ironman training regimes. I heard that the two of you recently went on a romantic vacation at Oahu, Hawaii and took your bikes (insert eye roll from the Burninator here). So romance aside you can tell us about one of your rides while on vacation.

(R) Well we like to make sure we are suitably rested before we start so Melanie is practicing her pre-workout technique in this picture.

(EV) OK, so we know by the picture that you are already up and getting ready for the ride. Richard, tell us about the first part of the ride.

(R) We rode the north section first with limited wind and the cool of the morning. This section of rode is a bit rough for the first 30km or so. As you round the north-east corner of the island you pass Turtle Bay resort and golf course. This is about 14 km into the day.

(EV) It looks like the sun is just barely up, what time did you two leave anyways

(M) It was OK. At least it was light out when we left at 7:25am.

(EV) Melanie, you are not overly descriptive with the play by play style of your husband. No stats to report for us?

(M) ::eye roll::

(EV) OK then anything else in the first 30km that is rough roads and just getting light?

(R) Around 20km in we passed Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline and a few other surf spots that were already quite busy as the surf was up today and there was the Banzai Pipeline surfing competition.

(R) Just before Waimea Bay (26km) we got another great picture

(EV) So once you got off the north shore road rumor has it that hwy 99 south is far smoother, just climbing and headwind is all.

(M) It is a very deceiving hill, you don't think you are climbing all that much as you pass pineapple fields on one side and orchards on the other. This picture is before we started climbing hard.

(R) That was around 35km. We didn't take many pictures over the next 30km due to the climbing effort, then the downhill stint past Schofield Barracks. Once we got into the outskirts of Honolulu / Pearl City we had to navigate some ugly highway / freeway interchanges to keep somewhat out of traffic. The traffic and the lights really slowed the middle section of the ride.

(EV) So I understand that you have been whining about your bike making clicks and not spinning smoothly under loads. Did that cause you any trouble today.

(R) In fact, just as we started going past Aloha Tower my chain was getting caught and causing me tons of problems. At first I thought it was just really dry and needed lubrication so we started looking for a Gas station. It seemed that there were none for ages and we got stopped at a light and looked across the street and there was a bike specialty store "Bike Factory". We decided to see if they could help and while lubricating the chain we noticed that my chain had a broken link with one side gone and the other side bent.

Who knows how long it was like that but what a blessing to have it break right then at the store and was able to get the chain replaced. If it had happened most anywhere else on the island we could have been in real trouble.

(M) I could see it now. Richard then convinces me to ride all the way around the island to get the car to come and pick him up. Some people will do anything to get out of a long ride or long run. Not unlike Richard calling me when we were first married to come pick him up from a long run he bonked during halfway across Calgary.

(EV) OK, let's not dredge up the past and keep this article about a bike ride. You had to have been out for a while by then, ever think about lunch?

(M) Well I wanted to get more than halfway before we stopped for lunch so we rode past Waikiki, then Diamond Head, then almost to Hanamau Bay before having lunch at Subway.

(R) We saw lots of pre-race preparations for the Honolulu marathon on Sunday as you can see the start /finish area being prepped. I was so hungry when Melanie the taskmaster said we could stop for lunch at 105km just past Kuliouou

(EV) OK, so what did you guys eat for nutrition on this monster ride?

(R) I had 2 power bars, 4 oranges, a banana, a foot long sub at subway (lunch), 3 bottles of water and 4 bottles of Gatorade.

(M) I am not a pig like Richard and just ate 3 power bars, 3 bottles of water, 3 bottles of Gatorade and a 6 inch sub (lunch).

(EV) So is the southeast coastline as spectacular as you two make it out to be?

(M) See the pictures I took at about 115km into the ride.

(EV) Ok, so you were probably getting tired by this point, was that an excuse to take pictures or pictures the excuse to take a rest.

(M) No comment. Just look at some more pictures.

(R) These would be at about 120 and 130 km into our ride before and after Kailua, Oahu.

(EV) So any finishing pictures to celebrate the ride?

(M) Of course. These are at our rental place.

(EV) Any final comments?

(R) A great ride, we were very fortunate that not a single flat and my chain repair came at the absolute best possible time.

Disclaimer - Any reference to the "Burninator" and words put in Melanie's mouth at the hands of my fingertips are purely informational and not necessarily realistic.

Recovery day and trip to LDS temple

Day 143 swim 62 minutes - 3200m

Easy Day today in order to be fully rested for the Around the island bike ride on Wednesday. All I did workout wise was a swim and relax all day and then Melanie and I visited the Laie LDS temple in the evening.

Very peaceful and enjoyable.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cold in Hawaiian Ocean Water? Yes, that's me.

Day 142 (Monday) Swim 70 minutes - 3200m, Bike 167 minutes - 85km, Run (Water) 62 minutes

Total on Week 300 minutes

Not a lot of pictures today as I went on a solo ride without Melanie this morning and rode some hills as well as fairly hard up tempo 25km tail end of my ride on the flats home. Averaged a pretty quick pace of 35.5 km/h with no wind over the last 25km. I went to upload the data and show the Garmin info and realized I left my Garmin connect cable at home in Calgary. Satellite image of ride route

Water Run in the morning in an outdoor pool sure beats at SAIT plus an evening swim. For our afternoon recreation we went to a nature reserve area in the Southeast of the island. I only snorkeled a bit because I felt really uncomfortable snorkeling over the shallow areas of the reef at low tide. Melanie saw a turtle as well as many cool fish. I saw a number of fish in the deeper sections until I got too cold, guess the floating around and snorkeling doesn't cause me to generate enough body temp and I ended up getting out and warming up. Even got pasty white fingers and feet in the Hawaiian water. My poor circulation that I can even get cold in Hawaii.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Rest and relaxation

Day 142 (Sunday) Rest Day

Took a well deserved rest day on Sunday. We slept in, went to church, came back to the rental spent time on beach (Melanie more so than me), Skyped home to kids and family members, caught up on some reading of fellow bloggers, enjoyed the sounds of the ocean and babied the sore legs from the harsh hiking and running on Friday. Nothing overly spectacular.

Two random pictures for today

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Polynesian Cultural Center and a light workout day

Day 141 (Saturday) Swim 61 minutes - 3200m, Bike 116 minutes - 50km

Total on week 21 hours Yay!

Finally broke the barrier this year of 20 hours of workouts which was set in the 3rd week of September. Plan is to get in a HUGE week next week after taking Sunday (today) as a rest day. My first week back in Calgary will be a recovery week down to about 10 hours or so and then two more big weeks to finish off December as the key volume build month.

Saturday mornings swim was the usual here with a large technical warm-up and cool down of about 750m each with a 750m pull set and 750m regular stroke set in the middle with a few lengths puttering around to finish the two mile distance. Melanie had joined me for the swim and did slightly more than I did. We then did the "hobbit" like thing and went back to the rental place for second breakfast and then off for a bike ride.

Today on the ride we had even more wind than previous days and both of us could feel the strenuous hikes/run from Friday in the quads so we kept the effort fairly low intensity and did the same 50km ride that I had done yesterday. It was a blast with the tail wind return hitting an average of 30km/h and not even working at all. You can see some of the wind strength from the photo below of the para sail surfers out in force.

We showered, changed and then headed off to the Polynesian Cultural Center for our sightseeing activity of the day. The various shows in the village were all quite good but my favorite was the main evening show "Ha, the Breathe of Life". Dinner was a good buffet. I thought it was a great deal for the ticket prices on the full day pass that included everything. We didn't take a ton of pictures at the centre but I have included one of Mel and I thanks to the self-timer picture feature.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Two hikes, great scenery and mourning the loss of a loved article of clothing

Day 140 Swim 73 minutes - 3.8km, Bike 100 minutes - 50km, Hiking/Run 194 minutes - 18.5km

Total on week 1006 minutes

This morning began bright and early with the wind howling over the ocean surf and into our window making a whack of noise and cooling the room. Melanie was hot as an oven and didn't notice the cold while I was freezing and got up to close it slightly.

After finally deciding to get up at 5:30am local time to have breakfast I headed to the BYU-H pool. Now for those occasional readers out there I am not racing anything this trip, its just a vacation full of training to build up volume during the month of December to prepare for my power/intensity phase in the new year. So a leisurely swim of Ironman distance and back to the "house" by 8:00am and then a short nap and planning out the rest of the day.

I decided to ride south today towards Kailua (Oahu Kailua, not Kona) and did a short out and back of 50km round trip. The road was much smoother and will likely be the direction of the long ride for tomorrow.

After the bike ride Melanie and I decided to tackle two hikes, one to Kaena Pt from the end of the road that we biked to yesterday. The second hike was up to Kealia Trail. As you can see from this picture the trail got pretty steep.

disclaimer - do not try this at home

We had to move pretty quickly to get both hikes in before we ran out of daylight since we didn't start the first hike until after 2:00pm. Our strategy included drinking and eating pretty much the last of our fuel before hike two to stay lightweight backpack wise. The hike was rated as a 2.5 to 3 hr endeavour which we allotted all of 1 hr and 40 minutes to get done. In fact, in order to get back before dark and before the parking lot closed we had to run back the 5km downhill. It was a big test for my knee and as a result of protecting the right knee my left quad was screaming at me by the time we got back to the car.

Sadly my favorite shirt, the St George Ironman shirt was left on the car roof and didn't make the 1hr driving trip home. A silent moment of mourning because that shirt did not have the power of the "Polki" a famous sweater that just won't die or get lost.

the polki

So barring the loss of the IM SG shirt it was a great day. Tomorrow I can sleep in to 8 before the pool opens.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long Bike to Kaena Pt and a Swim at BYU-Hawaii

Day 139 Swim 65 minutes - 3200m, Bike 234 minutes - 101km

Total on Week 715 minutes

I was able to sleep in a bit better today and I hope to be fully adjusted to Hawaii time by tomorrow. Melanie and I got off on a bike ride by 8am local time. The wind was a bit more than yesterday and we decided to go forward with our plans to get to Kaena Pt anyways, or at least as far as the road went as it goes unpaved for the last few miles. We had a strong tailwind / cross-tailwind heading out and made it to the end of the road before 10:30 with only one stop near Sunset beach where Melanie had flatted. Scenic and uneventful other than ejecting water bottles from the cages due to rough roads (which happened about 4 times between us until Melanie found some elastics to tighten the grab of the water bottle case).

Our Route

A picture of Melanie and I at the end of the road well past the Dillingham Airstrip for skydiving and gliders

On the way back we had a fair bit more headwind as the tradewinds picked up and so we took a few more stops to rest and fuel up along the way. Melanie had a tube go missing on the bumpy road but fortunately I saw it eject from her Bento Box and retrieved it unlike the tube I had lost yesterday. We took some pictures at Haleiwa Regional Park at the first rest stop on the way back and then some more pictures at Sunset Beach before putting our heads down for the very windy final 21km to the house.

Haleiwa Regional Park

Sunset Beach

After we got back and had a quick shower we went to the BYU - Hawaii Campus and got our guest passes so we can use their swimming pool - very exciting since our beach area here is not a safe ocean swim place with the currents and reef. The cost was $10 each and good for a month of swimming. Very Very Cool.

A grocery run, a meal, a nap and then off to the pool for a swim to round out the day. The pool is an uncharacteristic 36m long, kind of like the SAIT pool but no bulkhead to end it at the appropriate 25m. Therefore I just did a steady state swim.