Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why Sunday's are great.

Day 114 Scheduled Rest Day

Goal Next week 15 hours

Have I said how much I love Sunday's? there is something really wonderful about having a regular planned rest day without training. A few reasons why this is so great.

1) No need to feel guilty about not working out. It's a scheduled day off and you don't need an excuse why you didn't train.

2) You always have a better start to the week due to #1 above because you are extra rested. It means you can schedule a key workout on Saturday (because you know you get a rest day so can go hard) and another key workout on Monday (because you did get that extra rest day). Then you only have to decide if you want a key workout on either Wednesday or Thursday and can adjust to how busy your week is.

3) It helps you stay balanced. You can prioritize family and other important non-work / non-workout things because it's a day where you are not having those pressures compete for your time. This makes it far easier to be in the triathlon is part of my life club as opposed to triathlon is my only life club.

4) Its a day you can actually pause to self reflect, whether it's about training, or about life, you can take a quiet moment to take a pulse check on life beyond a "twitter" moment.

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